Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Birds! -- and Project # 3

The dining room is finally complete!
We couldn't believe the difference in the lighting in the room
once we took down the old lace curtains & mini blinds.
Draperies arrived & were hung.
The window on the right ends up in a dead corner...
the reason for panels only on one side.
I wasn't sure I would be happy with that treatment
but was pleased as morning sunshine when I saw the look!
I just have to be careful that I don't give our neighbors a show after dark as I've been told that you can see right in the dining room!

Hobby Lobby called this afternoon to say that my prints were ready
and I made a mad dash in to get them.
I love how they turned out!
The mattes are "muted yellow" & give the prints an antique look. Thank goodness, Bob hung them for me. You may not be able to tell if from the picture, but believe me, they are perfect.

I really like the leaf detail on the frame.

Thanks so much to my friend, Mary Ann, for all of her decorating advise.
Without her I'm sure I would have made a huge color blunder as I was thinking in a totally different direction. And thanks to her, I finally worked up the nerve to do some much needed de-cluttering.

But we ain't finished yet!
Project # 3
(Project # 2 is in progress & thank goodness there are not ANY before pics of it! I'm rearranging-de-cluttering-organizing my scrapbooking area & it's been off limits to all but immediately family for quite a while! It is what used to be our kids playroom & I took over after they moved out. There is also an office area & that is where Bob & I spend our evenings...each on our own computer.)

The "living room"--the room that I avoid!

For the past several years this room has been where everything ends up that I don't know what to do with. Some of the clutter is stashed away, out of camera view, but you can still see that there is waaayyy too much in there!

After the drastic change in the lighting in the dining room, we decided to do the same draperies in the living room, only in a linen color. I already have them(they were on sale!) & have to make myself wait until I decide for sure what to do with this decorators nightmare.

Bob is our church pianist & this is really his room.

He has 3 drawers & 2 ugly black file boxes full of sheet music & books that he uses every week. So...I do have to keep those things handy for him.

Oh dear--I just noticed that ugly piece of plastic runner in front of the piano bench. Bob's shoes were making marks on the carpet & we thought that was the answer. Maybe the marks would look better than that awful looking thing!

Then there is the corner curio cabinet full of our Holy Land treasures--

or we thought they were treasures when we bought them 27 years ago! It a good place to keep all of that olive wood hidden! But--I'm tempted to put those things in storage & fill the cabinet with things that I now enjoy. Good grief...I forgot all about that Ashton Drake "Jesus Loves the Little Children" doll!

The framed print on the floor (by the piano) belonged to my parents & I do cherish it, yet I'm not sure that I want it hung on one of my walls. But maybe that's where it needs to be.

I bought the heart shaped wreath over the sofa many long years ago at a "Country Folk Art Show" (remember those?) and I'm sure the dust mites are probably having a hoedown in there somewhere. I'm pretty sure it's going in the trash.

The octagon table may also go in storage as it makes the room smaller than it already is. Plus...that embarrassingly ugly floral arrangement overwhelms everything in there! Who in the world made that? (meeee...) I just had to have that Longaberger Collectors Club vase & now I wish I'd never seen the thing. Okay--a woven basket is one thing, but a Vase?

The paint is in good shape as we just don't use the room.

But I think I might like it a shade darker...more on the taupe-y side. What do you think?

Well, ladies, I'm open for suggestions! I'm not sure Mary Ann will answer her phone if she sees it's me on her Caller ID. She may start charging decorator wages. Or maybe she would settle for lunch at The Farmstead Cafe & a Green River Float at Zaharakos. More to follow...


Karen Walden said...

Okay...don't let Dad read this! :)

The mirror between the windows needs to go!

I too noticed the plastic mat! Maybe a "rug" would be better and would blend in more!

I didn't hear you mention the floral couch!!! Doesn't that need to go too!!! Hee Hee!!!

I'm pretty sure there's some sort of cabinet out there that could harbor all of Dad's music! You could just sit those black boxes right inside the cabinet! Then you could get rid of the 3 drawer table too!

And yes...the olive wood pieces must go too! :)

Have fun and good luck getting by Dad with all of this! ;o)

Sheila said...

Way to go girl! You are finally expressing your thoughts. Yeah!!! Yep...I'd better block your Dad from this post--if I knew how! I thought about ditching the mirror too. However, it was a Christmas gift many long years ago & you know how sentimental I am. I always thought it looked look it belonged in a...well...not in here! Hmmm the floral couch...I was trying to ignore that! Slipcovers? Reupholstry? Garage sale? I'm sure all of these changes won't be approved by you know who! Wish me luck! :)

Cheryl said...

Just wanted to say that you have a beautiful home. I vote for keeping the wall color in the living room. I'm biased because it looks very much like mine, and I really like it! Thanks for dropping by my blog, come back anytime and visit!

Cheryl said...

Just wanted to say that you have a beautiful home. I vote for keeping the wall color in the living room. I'm biased because it looks very much like mine, and I really like it! Thanks for dropping by my blog, come back anytime and visit!

Cheryl said...

Sorry for the double post...I should get myself to bed instead of looking at all of these wonderful blogs!

Pat@BPM said...

Sheila your dining room looks beautiful. I love the look of the birds over your cabinet! I'm ready to try to have more framed. I've never used Hobby Lobby for framing. I'll keep it in mind.

Tricia G. said...

I like the way it turned out!!! Can't wait to see the next project!

Lady J said...

Can you and Mary Ann do my house next?????

Sheila said...

Thanks, ladies, for all of your comments. Now to get myself in gear to tackle the project.

And might see how many Green Rivers Mary Ann would charge you! I'm deep in debt!