Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ya Give Me Fever.......Blisters!

I've had them since I was a little girl...
fever blisters!
I remember getting them without fail after I had been sick.
They would appear overnight & would give me fits for several days.
It wasn't until I was older that I learned that "herpes simplex 1"
...aka fever blisters...
is also caused from stress.
It seems that early January brings this ailment my way.
I woke this morning to the slight sensation of a tingling on my lower lip, and by breakfast time could tell I had two beauties developing on both my lower & upper lip! Good grief...
I remember a particularly stressful Holiday season of a few years gone by, when once again I didn't realize I had way too much on my plate.
Three of those horrid things came to bless me with their soreness,
& I looked so bad, I went into hiding for a few days!

And then I discovered "Abreva"!
My life miracle worker in a tube!
It is an expensive treatment, but well worth the price.
It may not completely keep the fever blister away but it definitely shortens my suffering & if I use it at the first sign, keeps it under control.
So, if you see me with my hand covering my mouth,
you will know I've had a cold, been sick with the 'flu,
or just had a little more stress than I can stand...
Thank goodness for my $12. tube of Abreva!
(I didn't mean for this to turn into a commercial!)


Denise said...

Ouch!! At least you've found a treatment that makes a difference. Well worth the $12, I'd say!

Now, stay away from the flu and don't take on too much. :)

Karen Walden said...

Hey! I still have your tube of that stuff that you gave me on New Year's day! If you want to dig yourself out of the snow, come on over tomorrow and get it! Mine is better now! At least mine aren't near as bad as yours. I just get a small one in the middle of my bottom lip. People don't notice it, I just feel like it's huge!

Take a deep breath and relax.... like you told me one time! ;o)