Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Sideboard Did It!

If you missed me this week, you will be happy to know that I've been slaving away, transforming my dining room. It was way overdue to have a major face lift and it all began because of my shopping spree and a sideboard!
I'm a big "Paula Deen" fan. I have subscribed to her cooking magazine from the beginning & love her southern style & enjoy most of her recipes. Late last summer I received a notice that, of all things, Ms Deen was coming out with a line of furniture. Good grief...the woman has her name on everything. But I love it!
I had been wanting a storage piece to put between my windows, hoping to get rid of the clutter of dishes I've accumulated over the years. Off I went to Kittle's Sale of the Year (yea...right!) and fell in love with the Paula Deen Collection & before I knew it, the sideboard was ordered in "Spanish Moss". Only problem...they didn't have one on display & I failed to take into consideration the depth of the piece.
It was delivered in 3 weeks & when I saw the delivery men lugging it up my sidewalk, I knew I was in trouble! I had them sit it between the windows as planned. But to my dismay, Bob wouldn't be able to get in & out of "his" chair! So, the sideboard was going to have to go where my pie safe sat & so we switched places.
(See all of that "stuff"??? That is only what was in the pie safe! There was also tons of dishes & glassware that had to be unloaded, boxed up & carted out to the garage...where I'm waiting for my Bob the Builder to fix me some pantry shelves!)
Next problem---Spanish Moss does not blend in with navy blue! Oh well, I needed to paint anyway. And I had already decided that my extra wide wallpaper border made my room way too off it came! (I wish it would have been that easy!) Off it came it itty bitty pieces, just a smidge at a time, but off it came.
Do you know that when you put sizing on for wallpaper, when you take said wallpaper off, the sizing is still there? Grrrrrrrr.... After much scrubbing, wiping, scrubbing again, & even sanding, I found out that the walls would have to be sealed.
Meanwhile, I invited Mary Ann over for some friendly decorating tips. ( I cannot believe I let her in the door with my house looking like this!) She had done her research & (you won't believe this!) out of her bag, she pulled a beautiful pear scented candle. "This is the color I think you should use" she told me. Sure!...I'm going to take a candle down to the paint store & tell them to match it up?

That is exactly what I did. I'm not proud! Besides, just a couple of weeks ago, Karen was wanting to paint her bathroom a lavender color & we couldn't decide what shade it should be until I spotted her new steamer mop, which just happened to be the perfect shade of lavender we were looking for! And I wasn't proud then....I sent Karen in with her mop to tell them to "match it up".

So off I went to Neal Paint & Wallpaper, borrowed candle in hand. I'm sure that Duane & Eric, the friendly paint mixers, were just thrilled to see me walk in with a candle! But match it up they did, and I've been busy ever since, stripping border, sanding, scrubbing, taping off way too much woodwork, trimming primer, painting primer, trimming paint, painting paint....& I now realize that it's going to require one more coat.

Benjamin Moore Westminster Gold

My patient hubby just rolls his eyes when he hears me mumbling around about wanting to redo a room. He knows that one thing always leads to another & what should just take a day or two, ends up more like the project of the week.

I can't wait until it's finished. But I've found a couple of other problems! My curtains look tacky, the wall decor doesn't match or needs updating, & I don't think that pie safe is going to be allowed back in the room.

Hey, Bob the had better get your hammer out & start on those shelves!

Hopefully, I can show you what "Westminster Gold" looks like in a few days. Has anyone noticed a golden glow coming from Carr Hill Road? It's just my dining room smiling...


Angie Davis said...

I LOVE that color! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Tricia G. said...

I can't wait to see it when it's finished!!!! I've been in the "redo-ing" mood also...poor Nathan is ready for me to quit! But, I have a couple more rooms on my list...ha ha!

Karen Walden said...

Got you in the mood didn't I? :) What a job and why in the world did we think we needed border in every room years ago?! I simply dread redoing my room.

Anxious to see your partially finished room tomorrow! It's a domino effect for sure! Hit the malls and find some new decorations!!!

Mary Ann said...

If I can see the glow of your smiling diningroom over here on the rough side of Carr Hill, my name will be mud.

Lady J said...

Now I know why I keep putting off redoing rooms-one thing leads to another.....

Sheila said...

Thanks girls for your encouragement & compliments! And Mrs. are things on the other side of Carr Hill Road? At least it is a soft glow! : ) I think I'm going to be happy with it. But, ug...more painting tomorrow.

Jenny said...

I went with a yellow in my kitchen too!!! That's probably what the glow came from yesterday instead of the sunrise! LOL!
And, redecorate it all !!!!!! :) I'm a sucker for redo's! Except there will be no volunteering to help remove wallpaper/border!

Denise said...

That's going to look awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Karen Valentine said...

Ooops! I forgot. I got the scrolly pieces of wood at Michaels, but I think you could probably get them at any arts and crafts store.

Peggy B. said...

Looking forward to final results. I want to paint my dining room also, but haven't mustered up the energy yet.