Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Pretender

Paige, or little Miss Priss as I sometimes call her, is our family "pretender". She loves to play pretend, and as I here them play, she & Peyton pretend to be "Mom or Dad", or son, or Mr. or Mrs., or maybe Dora the Explorer, or Spiderman. She can entertain herself for quite some time and usually gets her twin involved in the antics.
It was my turn to babysit recently & Paige & Peyton both found their toy cell phones. They pretended to call about everyone in the family & carried on quite the conversations. Paige punched out some numbers on her little Princess cell phone, put it to her ear & said nothing. Then she quickly snapped it shut & told me..."they didn't answer so I'll have to send them a text"!
I think I laughed out loud. I quickly realized that she was mimicking her mommy who is Mrs. Speedy Fingers when it comes to clicking out the text messages! It just kind of blew me away to think that a 4 year old even knew what a text message was, and also knew it was something you do when a phone call isn't answered.
Oh be careful what you do...
as it just may show up in a pretend game around here!


Karen Walden said...

That's pretty funny! I had no idea she would have a clue about texting!

Dorcas said...

Kids don't miss a trick, do they?

Angie Davis said...

She's a smart kid!