Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Aunt Rose

On a cold December morning, a baby girl was born to Leslie & Patsy Brown, one who would love her family dearly & grew up to be a beautiful woman.

Emma Rose was born December 28th, 1914. Just 10 months before, death had come to the family, taking away baby Vivian Velva on Valentine's Day of that year. There were two older sisters, Goldie Fern & Eva Thelma. But the influenza epidemic of 1918 would claim the life of Eva Thelma, leaving Fern & Rose as the only daughters in the family. Later brothers George, Joe & Duane would come along.

We just called her "Rose". I remember wondering why in the world my Grandma would name her baby after a flower. It wasn't until later in my life that I realized what a beautiful name it was, & it fit my Aunt perfectly. And only after I began doing family research, did I realize her given name was Emma Rose, which I think fit her perfectly.

My Grandma Brown & Aunt Rose
Sisters!...Rose & Fern
Looking back on her life, you can tell that Rose must have been an independent spirit. She worked for a while in Boonville, possibly at the shoe factory. Rose & Fern also worked in a men's clothing factory in Eldon for a while. It was there that the machinery ran so loudly, and was probably the reason that both Aunts were hard of hearing!

And then she moved far away to California. There she lived with friends from Missouri.
I have a box of her old photographs & among them are pictures her with young men that I do not recognize. I'm sure she dated & had more than one boyfriend. It was in California that she met Jack, a divorced man with 3 daughters, something of a scandal for those days. They fell in love, married and moved back towards Rose's home country. Rose was 32 years old when she married.

My first memories of Uncle Jack & Aunt Rose are when they lived on that old gravel road, just a few miles away from Grandma & Grandpa Brown. Their house sat on a hilltop and had a long winding driveway. I remember Dad pulling in & gunning the gas pedal while our car chugged up the steep driveway. It was quite an exciting thrill ride!

They didn't live there very many years. The only time I remember ever seeing Jack's girls was once or twice at that little house. The girls also lived what seemed to me as far away, in Oklahoma.
On the bluffs of the Missouri River, near Boonville
Rose & Jack never had any children. I don't remember ever hearing this story until just a few months before my Mother passed away. (She told us several stories she had never shared before!) While they were still living near Boonville, Rose became pregnant. They did live in the country & for some reason were on an old farm wagon. Rose fell off of the wagon & it ran over her. She lost her baby & they were never able to have children after that. Mom & Dad probably thought as children, we really didn't need to know the details of that story, & it was never told for years & years.
Possibly on the main street of Boonville, Missouri
Opportunity for Jack to make better money as a welder came along so they moved back west. First they lived in New Mexico & Arizona, & finally spent many years in Bakersfield, California. They remained in California until Jack retired, and only then did they return to Missouri. I have vivid memories of vacations we took out west to visit them, but will save those for another day.

Aunt Rose inherited the love of gardening from her Momma.

Wherever she lived, she had a beautiful flower garden.
She grew a variety or roses

One of Rose & Jack's favorite things to do, was to go spend a couple of nights with Mom & Dad & hit the garage sales in the Kansas City area! The men would chauffeur the ladies, scouting out the yard sale signs, and then they too would head out looking for a bargain.

Rose & Jack were married just a few weeks before our parents.

At Mom & Dad's 50th anniversary celebration, we insisted on Rose & Jack posing for a picture also. They weren't ones to celebrate.

One of Dad's favorite things to do was to spend a few days out in the country, near Eldon, on Rose & Jack's few acres. There was a beautiful little pond which was kept fully stocked for the fishing pleasure of only family & a very few choice friends. Rose made sure that no one else "fished out" her pond!

Rose, Duane, & Fern...the Brown Siblings

Rose's family meant more to her than anything. While her parents were living, she made sure they were provided for. She faithfully wrote letters to her beloved Momma several times a week. She loved her sister, Fern, so spite of any arguing they did! And her baby brother, Duane, was always special.

In late August, 2003, Rose suffered a stroke. She never came home from the hospital, passing on September 2, 2003, at the age of 88 years.


a name that I have grown to love


Carol said...

What a super-sweet post. Dad always called her Rosie. What great memories!!! : )

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Keep jotting down those memories for Jeff and I! We enjoy reading them!!!

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I started this one in November & never finished it. Couldn't think of anything else to blog about...