Friday, January 22, 2010

The Kid Without a Room

Karen had promised Paige that after Christmas she would paint her room pink, Paige's favorite color, redecorate, make her youth bed into a full sized one, & move her twin brother down the hall. Paige wouldn't let her forget it! A few days after the holidays were over, Paige told me that her Mommy was supposed to paint her room & it was already after Christmas & she didn't do it! She was thoroughly disgusted. So, Karen got to work this week & got the job done & Paige is so proud of her pink room. (If Paige would have had her way, there would have been a purple wall too. Eeeek!)

In all of the hustle & bustle, Peyton's youth bed was carried out to the garage and his stuffed animals were tossed on Paige's bed. I was there helping out & he walked in the room & stated very loudly... "I HATE PINK!". And then he looked around and said "where's my bed!". Later he came back in & took all of his stuffed animals off of Paige's bed & put them in a pile where his bed used to be. Then when Parker came home from school, Peyton told him "my bed is in the garage! and so is my other bed...two of them!" He was not happy.

Finally it hit me. This little 4 year old young man, who had always shared a room with his twin sister, was suddenly a little fella without a room! Well, the plan was to move him in with his big brother...but Peyton wasn't too sure about that! He came back in & told me "good-bye football...good-bye soccer ball...good-bye basketball". I was puzzled as he is quite the little sports nut. Finally, his Mommy figured out that he was wanting us to take the sports border off of Parker's room. He told us that he wanted his & Parker's name on the wall...just like Paige is going to get!
So, this little man that we thought wouldn't give a hoot about the decorating drama, was being a little traumatized himself. Who would have thought it?

Hmmmm...maybe it's that middle child thing, ya think?


Angie Davis said...

Poor Peyton! You know what he needs? His mother should run upstairs, move her collectibles and strip all the wallpaper from the guest room and its bathroom (evil cackle) and paint him up a boyish room. Pronto! :o)

Sheila said...

Ha! I bet Karen will really go for that, Angie! I think she is about "stripped" out for a while!!! I give her the message. :)

Karen Walden said...

You will all be happy to hear that Jonathan and I worked our tails off in "the boys" room today and brought all of Peyton's stuff in there. He's much happier about it now!
Parker however states that he's moving upstairs!!! I am NOT ready to do that. (Angie, there's border only in the bathroom upstairs!) I think they'll learn to survive just fine!!!