Saturday, January 16, 2010

Favorite Things....Part 1

I've always loved to read.
It amazes me how someone can make a character come alive,
just with a few strokes of a pen, or perhaps now, by tapping out letters on our computer keyboards.
As a young girl, I fell in love with the writings of
Grace Livingston Hill.
Our little church set apart a few dollars every now and then and books were purchased for our library. It wasn't very large, just a bookcase in the back of our tiny sanctuary, but it was there I discovered Ms. Hill!
Her stories were filled with beautiful characters, sometimes extremely wealthy, & other times the heroine would be very poor. My mind would be filled with imaginations of the beautiful mansions, "house parties" that would last for more than one day, or poor little homes with the characters hardly having enough to eat. Her stories were inspirational, with good overcoming bad, hearts won for Jesus, romance often filled the pages, & sometimes even war time drama. I couldn't wait to read the next novel!
After I had read all of the books written by Ms. Hill in our little library,
I discovered that our county library in Columbia had a treasure trove of them!
So, on our almost weekly jaunts to Columbia, for shopping for necessities & groceries, I would beg Dad to make a stop at the Boone County Library. Much to my delight, I was even given my own library card & allowed to browse the shelves while Mom & Dad did some dime store shopping just down the street. I would be waiting for Dad to pick me up, carrying an arm load of books which had to be read & returned in two weeks!
During the school months I couldn't read as much as I wanted to.
But come summer, I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning,
sometimes reading most of a book in one night.

My favorite way to pass a hot summer day was to stretch out on our living room couch, in front of the window fan (that was back in the days before we had air conditioning!), & read away. Mom would get so aggravated at me as that was all I wanted to do. I guess she had her own couch potato back in the '60's!
Anyway, it is told by close relatives of mine who shall remain nameless,
that Mom would sometimes shoo me outdoors into the hot Missouri sunshine for a little exercise.
Several years ago I was given a few old hardback books written by
Grace Livingston Hill.
I began to watch & was able to purchase several more from eBay.
And I began to re-read them.
I was happy that they still held the same charm for me as they did years ago when I was a much younger lady.

My collection is a little raggedy and I need to see what is missing. My goal was to have a hardback copy of each book.

While I was searching for a little history on GLH, I discovered that there is now a website for her fans. If you enjoy her writings you will want to check out the website at

I wonder if they have any of her books on Kindle....

We've come a long way in what doesn't seem like so many years!


Lady J said...

I love GLH! Can I come sometime and see your collection? I will have to check out her web site.

Peggy B. said...

I too loved GLH. I believe my favorite one was the Christmas Bride. (I think that was the title). To this day I would love to go to Vermont. And the funny thing is my Mom would get aggravated at me too. I can remember her saying to me one time, "Is that all you know how to do?" If the family set down to play games of an evening I was back in my room reading. I used to devour books, like some devour food. Needless to say, I got good grades in vocabulary. :)

Sheila said...

Maybe we need to join ght GLH fan club ladies! :) I need to see how many more books I need. Probably more than I realize as I think she wrote about 100 books! I remember "The Red Signal", & "The Enchanged Barn" as a couple of my favorites. I need to re-read them & refresh my memory!

Cheryl said...

Hello! Just stumbled onto your interesting blog from another site. I also have read many GLH books, my mother used to buy her books and I read them when I was...ahem...much younger. Also interesting that you went to the library in Columbia? I was just at the Daniel Boone Regional Library in Columbia yesterday! Stop by my blog and visit, I'm just getting started in blogland and welcome new friends!

Karen Walden said...

Too bad I didn't inherit your love for reading Mom! Couldn't tell you when I last read a good story book!!!

Sheila said...

Cheryl...what a small world! This Internet/blogland has certainly changed our way of connecting! Thanks for stopping by.

And don't know what you are missing. Plus, you need to read to my grandkids! Lots of exciting things happen between the covers of a good book.

Janean said...

Sheila, i too enjoy reading. looks like you've got some great books...maybe some to hand down?

Carol said...

I think I inherited the love-of-reading gene too, Sis! Not necessarily GLH, but I do love a good book. When I was little Mom used to talk about the stacks of GLH books you would read. I read a few, just for the simple reason that I wanted to be like my big sissy. For me, it was the Sugar Creek Gang books, Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew. Then I graduated to those John Benton books! : ) I'm sure Karen remembers those.
I think this is one thing that we both inherited from Mom. : )

Carol said...

P.S. I tried to leave a comment a couple of days ago and it wouldn't post. Kelcie's my reader. : )

Sheila said...

Carol...Mom loved to read too. I'm sure she read to you as a little girl. I remember her reading to Steve & me & I would beg her to read "just one more chapter!"