Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Hustle & Bustle

Two weeks from today is Christmas?
I'm not prepared this year, for one reason or another,
and am putting my power shopping shoes on
& heading out the door in the morning
for madness at the Mall!
So, dear family, if you have any last minute hints
you would like to drop to Mrs. Claus,
now is the time!
Our tree has been up for over a week & I did some other
decorating then also. And then I quit.
Finally, yesterday afternoon, I dragged my carcase out to the storage building & spent the rest of the day putting up snowmen, more ornaments, and touched the house with Christmas glitter.
I have tons more things I could use...but I officially am finished!
After my morning of power shopping,
I have a lunch date with a friend.
I may even have a "Green River" for dessert!
(Some of you close to me will know what that is about...)

And then I plan to come home & bake a few cookies.

Our neighborhood is having a short Christmas get-together

Sunday afternoon

& I usually share my sugar cookies..

Bob's favorite!

'Tis a busy season
but a very special one.
Wish me luck with my shopping...
I don't do well in crowds! Grrrrr


Angie Davis said...

As of tonight, I believe I am completely finished Christmas shopping. Please excuse me while I do my happy dance...

Sheila said...

Oh, good grief! You can't be done already!

Peggy B. said...

I hate shopping in crowds too!