Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Dinner with the Thompson Family

Tonight we had Bob's family here to celebrate Christmas.
Since none of us need a thing & we are all hard to buy for,
we stopped doing a gift exchange a few years ago,
now bringing gifts for Dad Thompson & the children.
Our celebrating is just getting together & sharing
memories of good times & Christmas of the past.
This is the first Christmas without Mom Thompson.
I thought of her especially this morning as I was baking
her traditional persimmon pudding.
As the day went on, I thought how we would gather
at her house for dinner & she never had it ready on time!
She was always late!
And the older I get...the more I understand.
Dinner was "Paula Deen" ham,
smoked turkey, potato casserole, broccoli casserole,
sweet potato casserole (do you see a trend here...)
along with a few more veggies, salad, & desserts
which were persimmon pudding
strawberry pretzel dessert
& sugar cookies
Dad's favorite gift anymore is gift cards,
especially to restaurants he enjoys.
He probably has enough to get him through
most of next year!
It won't be our fault if he goes hungry.
Kevin & Amelia were perfect little angels.
Gifts were given to them also.
Tomorrow our children & grandchildren will be having
Christmas with their other grandparents.
Christmas Day they will be coming here for dinner
in the early afternoon.
In the morning I will put the gifts under the tree
& finish up last minute wrapping.
Bob & I have been going out for dinner on Christmas Eve
the last several years, & then take a ride around town
to look at Christmas lights.
Merry Christmas!
Do I hear sleigh bells???

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