Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Decorating 2009

It takes me forever to decorate.
I began on the tree yesterday, spent part of this morning working on it,
& finally finished it up tonight.
Or at least stopped for the day.
It is an on going project as I might find something to add to it later on, tweaking the decorating as I go.
We've come a long way from my childhood
when we would drive down a country road,
chop down a misshaped cedar,
added the huge colored lights, along with a few bubble ones
& stood back & literally threw the silvery "icicles" at the tree...
& we thought it was beautiful!
I love snowmen & have several on the tree

When our grandchildren came along
I began adding Hallmark ornaments,
ones that reminded me of each child.
I have Bob the Builder, Veggie Tales, several Fairies, & the Wizard of Oz,
just to name a few.
I've received several snowman ornaments,
dated with the year & each grandchild's name
added as they came along.

I love these ,girls...hint, hint...

By shopping the sales, I added decorative ornaments this year.

I really thought about changing colors

but my eye always goes to the red & green

A few old ornaments have survived the years.
I think I have 4 or 5 of the Disney ornaments left.

And I accented with green & white sparkly poinsettias

A few "Jim Shore" pieces

You can't see them but there are some religious ornaments on there!
I found some green ones etched in gold with scenes of the Nativity.

Tree Topper
is just green ribbon accented in gold,
picks of red berries
& sparkly curly stems.
One project completed...
more to come


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Your tree is beautiful, Sheila!

I started working on the tree in the hearth room Monday, I'm still working on it. I have the cartons sitting around it and every so often I'll stop by and put some ornaments on. For some reason it's taking me awhile to get it finished, this year. That's our "traveling" tree. Some years it's in the breakfast room, some years in the living room. This year it's in by the fireplace.:-)

Angie Davis said...

Beautiful! I am incredibly sick of my treetop, so I've been copying everyone else's pictures to give me ideas next year.

Sheila said...

Pat...It seems to take me forever to get anything done anymore! I blame it on a statin drug I'm on...makes me ache & drag!

Angie...I prefer a star as a topper but can never get one to sit on there straight! Karen & I had toppers made a few years ago. I made new bows this year...4 large bows around the top & then use your choice of Christmas picks. Have fun with it!