Thursday, December 31, 2009


All is quiet around our house tonight as we wait for the clock to roll away another year. Has it been 12 months already?

Once again, I can't say that I'm sad to see this year become a thing of the past. Seems like it was a hard one--again.

But there were good things too & that is what I want to dwell on. May happier days be ahead of us & more than anything, may our beloved Country turn in the right direction.

Happy New Year to all!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas With Our Family

Since both Karen & Jeff have young children,
we now have our Christmas with them still on Christmas day,
but in the afternoon.

Dinner was ready at 1:00 when they all came bursting in the door,
loaded down with gifts, the grandchildren about to burst with excitement,
& were all starved & ready to eat...
except Jeff.

Seems the nasty kind of 'flu bug hit their house a couple of days before Christmas, & Daddy Jeff caught the yucky germs from his kids.
He was a little green around the gills when he arrived
& we gladly sent him upstairs to bed,
while the rest of us ate dinner.

One load of dishes was in the dishwasher
& the kids couldn't wait any longer.

Karen read the Christmas story from Luke Chapter Two,
a tradition handed down from Mom & Dad.

Peyton, Paige, Brycen, Carter
Kerrigan & Carter
were ready to see if they had made the naughty or nice list.

Grandma knew they were all especially nice!

Carter was so funny as several gifts were passed out before we found one with his name on it. He was sooooo excited as his pile grew & grew!

Paige is definitely all girl & loved the dolls & little girl gifts she received. Sometime in the last few months she discovered Barbie & that was all she would say she wanted. But she was so excited with this baby & another doll she received from her Mommy.

Peyton was delighted with his "Batman Castle", along with his Batman car & a few monster trucks. If it has wheels, he is happy!

Brycen also got Batman things & he was a happy little man. He just wanted to tear into all of his gifts, not paying a whole lot of attention to what was in the boxes.

Kerrigan just wanted clothes! She is almost 10 & has decided she is too big for dolls. But I couldn't resist & did put a small doll in her "stocking bag". She loves "Justice", a young girls store, & received jammies, purses, cologne & lotions, & an outfit from there.

Parker is a "G.I. Joe" guy now & several of his gifts were "Joe" things. His large gift was a missile launcher....& it looked like it would be so much fun to play with. I remember when Jeff always wanted G.I. Joe for Christmas.

Well, I said I'd never buy my grandsons a toy gun...but look who got one! Whenever I would ask Carter what he wanted for Christmas, the only thing he would tell me was "a deer gun". Jeff said what he wanted was a gun with a scope. I really didn't intend to get him one, but knew he would be disappointed if Santa didn't fill his request. So, I think it was just this Monday, I found myself in Rural King, & there it was...just what Carter was wanting. He couldn't have been more thrilled, & I'm happy that he got it.

It was a wonderful day, except for Jeff being so sick. He finally crawled down the stairs late in the day & managed to open his gifts after everyone else had finished. I'm always worn out by the time Christmas gets here, but it was worth all of the mall walking, & bargain hunting, trying to find just the right gifts for each loved one.

Somehow this season was more hectic than any I remember. I never got all of my decorations out, a thing or two didn't get purchased (but no one noticed!) & I only baked one batch of sugar cookies, never getting to the candies & mixes. I think I found out that it really isn't necessary to get it all done.

What is most important is to be with our family & loved ones, & to remember our Savior's birth! Oh yes, I did bake Him a special red velvet birthday cake.

Christmas Blessings!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Dinner with the Thompson Family

Tonight we had Bob's family here to celebrate Christmas.
Since none of us need a thing & we are all hard to buy for,
we stopped doing a gift exchange a few years ago,
now bringing gifts for Dad Thompson & the children.
Our celebrating is just getting together & sharing
memories of good times & Christmas of the past.
This is the first Christmas without Mom Thompson.
I thought of her especially this morning as I was baking
her traditional persimmon pudding.
As the day went on, I thought how we would gather
at her house for dinner & she never had it ready on time!
She was always late!
And the older I get...the more I understand.
Dinner was "Paula Deen" ham,
smoked turkey, potato casserole, broccoli casserole,
sweet potato casserole (do you see a trend here...)
along with a few more veggies, salad, & desserts
which were persimmon pudding
strawberry pretzel dessert
& sugar cookies
Dad's favorite gift anymore is gift cards,
especially to restaurants he enjoys.
He probably has enough to get him through
most of next year!
It won't be our fault if he goes hungry.
Kevin & Amelia were perfect little angels.
Gifts were given to them also.
Tomorrow our children & grandchildren will be having
Christmas with their other grandparents.
Christmas Day they will be coming here for dinner
in the early afternoon.
In the morning I will put the gifts under the tree
& finish up last minute wrapping.
Bob & I have been going out for dinner on Christmas Eve
the last several years, & then take a ride around town
to look at Christmas lights.
Merry Christmas!
Do I hear sleigh bells???

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decorations of Red...

My heart tells me I need to decorate for Christmas,
if not for me, for my family.
Somehow I feel like I did a half way job this year.

It isn't as easy to drag out all of the storage boxes anymore.But I love the delight in the grandchildren's eyes when they first see something new that I've done since they were here last.

We used to put lights on our shrubbery & trees.
But the shrubs have become too big
& the Norway Spruce trees are almost as tall as our 2 story house.
We now settle for a cluttered up porch & a spot light on the front door!
This sled belonged to our children...
probably one of Jeff's Christmas presents of the past.
The white ice skates are mine.
They too were a Christmas gift many years ago
& skated me around the frozen ponds of Central Missouri.
The black skates are Bob's.
Rare antiques!
Years ago I bought a pre-lit garland at Heart & Home, one of my very favorite shops that is no longer there. After fighting the dark spots of burned out bulbs & stretches that refused to light, just last year I spent one evening unwinding lights from 5 strands of garland. The garland is very heavy & I'll probably always use it. I topped it with a garland of white berries, with white lights intertwined. Usually I fill the garland with picks of berries & poinsettias...but that bag never made it in the house this year. I'm enjoying the simple look. This huge fireplace is my decorating nightmare! It goes across one end of our family room, except for the area on each end where I now have glass shelving. At least the old buck stove is gone & we no longer have to stack wood in the kindle box! I'm also shopping for new glass doors as I hate the glare of the bright brass. You might know the firebox opening would be over sized! The mantel is just a hodge podge of country decorations

The old pottery piece used to be my Mom's sugar jar.

My new "restrained gold" paint seems a little bright in these pictures.
Bob about croaked when he heard me say that I wanted to paint the room "gold"! It really isn't as bright as it looks...I promise!

Several years ago I fell in love with the snowmen of artist
Sandy Gore Evans & my collection began.
Sandy lived near Wichita, Kansas & each year there was a special collector piece. Sandy was stricken with breast cancer & died a few years ago & the pieces are no longer made.

I also have several pieces of the Jim Shore snowmen & Santas.
These are fast becoming my favorites!

My coffee table in the family room with a Colonial Candle Company lantern.

Poinsettia wreath is from Hobby Lobby.

More snowmen on the kitchen island

I love the details in the Jim Shore pieces

When I unpacked this little lady this year,
I found her hat was broken. Not wanting to throw her away,
I place her in my kitchen window where she could turn her head
& watch my bird feeder.

And right now you don't get to see the rest of the house!
My dining room has turned into the north pole...
my gift wrapping station.

My storage space in Bob's car shop still holds several shelves of decorations I've used in the past. There are boxes of Department 56 Dickens Village houses that I intended to display this year. There are also several pieces of the Snow Village that Bob used to set up in his car shop. There is a classic aluminum tree from the '60's, along with a color wheel, Longaberger baskets, & things I'm sure I don't even realize I have.

I've promised myself to go through these things & downsize...but sentimental old me never wants to get rid of anything that was once a gift.

Maybe next year I need to begin my decorating in October!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Hustle & Bustle

Two weeks from today is Christmas?
I'm not prepared this year, for one reason or another,
and am putting my power shopping shoes on
& heading out the door in the morning
for madness at the Mall!
So, dear family, if you have any last minute hints
you would like to drop to Mrs. Claus,
now is the time!
Our tree has been up for over a week & I did some other
decorating then also. And then I quit.
Finally, yesterday afternoon, I dragged my carcase out to the storage building & spent the rest of the day putting up snowmen, more ornaments, and touched the house with Christmas glitter.
I have tons more things I could use...but I officially am finished!
After my morning of power shopping,
I have a lunch date with a friend.
I may even have a "Green River" for dessert!
(Some of you close to me will know what that is about...)

And then I plan to come home & bake a few cookies.

Our neighborhood is having a short Christmas get-together

Sunday afternoon

& I usually share my sugar cookies..

Bob's favorite!

'Tis a busy season
but a very special one.
Wish me luck with my shopping...
I don't do well in crowds! Grrrrr

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Big Day for Kerrigan!

Kerrigan went to a gymnastics meet today with her Daddy.
When he brought her to my door tonight,
he said he was bringing "the champ"!
I didn't get any details
but he said that she won 1st place in every event she entered.
Congratulations, Kerrigan!
She takes lessons at Jody's Gymnastics Center
& goes there 3 days a week for 3 hour lessons.
Way to go, girl!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


In recent years I've kept my special Nativity tucked away,
not wanting it to be broken by little ones wanting to touch
out of childhood curiosity.
Hopefully they have learned the "don't touch" phrase.

This afternoon I brought down the box filled with my special pieces. I had forgotten how much I loved it. Several years ago I bought it a piece at a time through Ashton Drake Doll Company. The dolls are porcelain--and breakable!

Inside the box was my stash of angle hair, which I just found out is no longer made, and strand of white lights.

I love the faces of these pieces.

When looking at them, I can just imagine a Children's Christmas program at church, with the tiny tots dressed up in their homemade costumes.

For now, they are safely displayed in our living room.

This sweet little fellow carries his flute.

The Three Wise Men have their gold, frankincense, & myrrh.

The little shepherd carries his baby lamb, along with his shepherd's hook.

The Angel...I love her golden curls!

Mary, the Mother of the Holy Child

and Joseph

I can't wait for our grandchildren to see the Nativity.
They know the Christmas Story
& I want them to remember the real Reason for the Season,
Baby Jesus!