Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Wishing my brother, Steve, a very happy birthday!
Here are a few glimpses of him over the past year...
part of which he shared with us here in Indiana
Our official turkey carver last year.
Think he had a sample before it went to the table?
This was always Dads job...
& we thought he looked like the spitting image of him that day!
Ready for our big fried fish dinner last summer...
hmmmm--one of my favorite meals.
Thanks for cleaning all of that crappie & catfish!
We know you enjoyed the catching part of it.
Here he is grilling up a platter of burgers & hot dogs
on our very soggy 4th of July!
After a day in the sun on Lake Monroe

just wanting you to know that you are loved very much
by your family...
our little ones still ask about you

May good things come your way!
Happy # 58!


Carol said...

Great post, Sis! I called and sang "Happy Birthday" on his voicemail. Hope he's having a great day.

Karen Walden said...

Parker called and wished him a Happy Birthday on his voicemail too! We were thinking of him on Sunday!