Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks to My Hero!

Long before I was even thought of,
my Dad was a scrapbooker & didn't even know it!
This beautiful old wooden album was always around our home
& I remember going through those pages time & time again,
wondering about the land where my Dad was those many years ago,
who all of those strange people were,
& why in the world were some of those soldiers in swimming trunks!
Dad was in the Army-Air Force & was sent to
Belem, Brazil, South America
to serve as a Military Policeman.
Amazingly, for a young kid from a poor family, he had a camera!

There are all kinds of old pictures in this album.
Photos of aircraft, ships, soldiers-both in uniform
& some where they are ready for a dip in the ocean.
Silly shots of guys goofing off, flashes of men in dress uniform
perfectly lined up to march in a parade.

I've found a few letters that he wrote home, that someone
saved & tucked away in the old pages. Letters that he faithfully
sent back home to Missouri to his Mom & Dad,
enclosing part of his paycheck to help them out.
As the youngest son, he felt it was his duty to take care of his parents.
In recent years as we went through this old album,
Dad told me how hot, humid & miserable it was in Brazil.
No wonder those young men took advantage of there off duty
time to cool off in the waters of the Atlantic!
I also remember asking him why he was stationed in South America
while the War was being fought in Europe & Africa.
He said that the giant cargo planes heading south,
couldn't make it across the ocean without stopping
& Belem was their refueling station.
They also had to patrol the waterways,
keeping the enemy scared away.
It must have been quite an adventure for that young man from Missouri.

If you look closely in the window, you will see the flag showing that their son was serving in the military.

And in some of the old stuff we went through the old flag showed up!

Dad's Company, before shipping out from Miami, Florida

He is the one in the white gloves!

Thanks, Dad, for serving our country,

for being a great son & supporting your family,

for being a wonderful husband & father later on in life...

& for taking all of those pictures & passing the love of

photography on down the line!



Karen Walden said...

Very neat! I didn't know you found that flag that they had in the window. Cool....

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome tribute to your Dad! I think it's wonderful you have so many pictures from his time in the service!

Marilyn Mauck

Carol said...

What a super-cool tribute to the world's greatest dad!!! Thanks Sis!

Dorcas said...

What a great story about your Dad!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi Sheila, thanks for stopping by. You were asking about putting greens on a light fixture. I've used real greens on mine before and you can cut little boughs to tuck in there, I think that works well. I think they used garland in the pics that you saw, not sure how it was put together. I didn't do that part. But I know real greens work well, to tuck and place on a light fixture.

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