Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sweet Eighteen!

I can't let the day get away without wishing my sweet niece, Kylie Ann, a very special Happy Eighteenth Birthday! I can't believe she is so grown up already.

She was born just before Thanksgiving, on her great-grandmother's birthday. We made the trip to Kansas & it just happened that Carol & Baby Kylie had gotten home from the hospital, I think that very day. Mom had knee surgery right before that so wasn't able to be on her feet very much. That left me to help out with the baby & I was delighted to go spend the night at the Wheeler's!
And what an exciting night it was! Baby Kylie decided to wake up in the middle of the night & in no uncertain terms, didn't want anything to do with Mother Nature's way of feeding her...& threw an absolute fit until a baby bottle was placed in her mouth--much to Mommy's dismay!

Then Mommy had taken some medicine which required her to take possession of the only bathroom in their house. And cousin Karen was in despair, almost writhing on the floor (well maybe not quite that bad) in dire need of the same facility! I remember us laughing at all of the commotion, with about every light on in the house, in the middle of the night.

Kylie, you have turned into a beautiful young woman, leaving that little mischievous girl as a faint memory. What fun we have always had!

May you continue to be the sweet girl that you are. You have always had a mind of your own, even from those first early nights. I'll never forget that the very first day I saw you, you heard your Mommy's voice & you turned your head & smiled at her at only 2 or 3 days old! At first I thought it was just a baby reflex, but you did it more than once. I knew from the beginning that you were very special!

Happy Birthday! Your great-grandmother would have loved you too!

And thank your Mom as I stole most of these pics from her Facebook! : )

Kylie's great-grandmother...
born November 24, 1892


Karen Walden said...

How well I remember that first night home too! :~ Happy Birthday Kylie Ann! We love you very much!

Carol said...

That first night home was a barrel load of fun!!! I'll NEVER forget that! Even Kelcie was up crying! (She was Garry's job since you, Karen and I were all a little preoccupied! Thanks for the post, Sister Blister!