Thursday, November 5, 2009

Little Blessings...

Someone has mentioned that during the month of November,
each day we should list a special blessing.
I'm sure I won't get one posted each day but wanted to let
you see recent pictures of my "little blessings"!
All six of them bring special joy into my life.

Peyton, Parker, & Paige
being especially cooperative, smiling for Grandma

Parker Man!
He is growing up way too quickly
and always has a special hug for us.
Parker has such a tender heart & is our prayer warrior!
And...he is a huge sports nut, just like his Daddy!
(Wonder if we will always call her that?)
Grandpa says Paige is just like a lap dog...
if you are sitting down, she thinks she belongs on your lap!
She's all girl....absolutely loves anything pink or purple!
Nothing tom-boyish for her.

Mr. Mischievous!
Can you tell by that grin?
He is Mr. Rough Neck & loves to tangle with his big brother
and usually has the bumps & bruises to prove it!
Carter Man
We used to call him "Tigger"
as he couldn't walk across a floor without bouncing.
Maybe he doesn't jump as much as he used too...but is definitely a live wire!
His smile makes Grandma melt!
who refuses to pose or smile at the camera, as you can tell!

I tried to catch him in the gazebo unaware...
but no...he quickly looked away.
Brycen is our "loner" quite content to play by himself.
Those blue eyes make it hard to say "no" to him!

who is way too busy to spend much time at Grandma's house!
Kerrigan does gymnastics which takes up several hours of her week.
She is the perfect "big sister" to her little brothers...
quite the little mother hen to them!

And for all six, I am truly thankful!
They came into my life at a time when we were going through
hard times with sickness & death of my parents.
Each one brought special sunshine to our lives
as the circle of life continues.

Love all of you bunches!!!

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