Thursday, November 26, 2009


We hope your Thanksgiving day has been full of blessings! Ours was.
Our family celebrated on Sunday this year as it was going to be an "in-law" year for our children & their families. And as you can see, my house was full of blessings!

A few weeks ago I was digging around in some dresser drawers, trying to rid myself of excess junk. I discovered an old paper turkey that I bought not too long after we were married while still living in Kansas.

Bob thinks Mr. Turkey must be at least 40 years old!

If you look closely, you can spot him in these two old pictures, one dated 1969.

I cannot imagine that I was brave enough to fix a Thanksgiving meal for my family back then! I'm sure Mom must have helped me with all of the finishing touches.
Pictured is Dad, my Uncle Bud & Paulene Palmer, my brother Steve, Carol, & a glimpse of Mom.

Our celebration this year has been a little different. The Wheeler's weren't able to come, Steve has returned to California, and as I said, we celebrated early. An invitation came from our nephew to come to dinner at the Best house, which we did, feasting with the Thompson side of the family. Thanks to Jason & Lucy, the meal was delicious! We discovered that Jason is a big fan of the Food Network & he did a great job fixing the turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of my little turkeys!

One of our more recent blessings... niece Jade Lynn--6 months old
with her Great-Uncle Bob

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Karen Walden said...

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks so much for keeping our little turkeys tonight so we can go out shopping all night! I'm soon going to find out how nuts we really are!!!! :)