Sunday, November 1, 2009

Are We Really Senior Citizens?

Cherie Ann
Today rounds up the birthdays for the Cousins Three...
all born in 1949
and all celebrating their 60th birthday during this year!
Cherie just happens to be the baby of the bunch...but only by 7 months!

My Uncle Millard & cousin Cherie

It seemed to be the year for babies in the Fulkerson family.

I was born first, in March.

Therefore I always thought I was the boss of the trio!

(Just ask Luana about that!--She might agree.)

And then along came our mischievous one...Luana, in October.

Finally, Cherie, the sweet one, the one Luana & I always fought over to see who would get to be with Cherie more when she came to visit!...was born in November, bringing 3 baby girls to the family & quite a few photo opportunities!

Sheila, Luana & Cherie
It all began with this...

and there are no doubt more between this time frame
at a family reunion at Sid & Dean's--1989
(I have always hated this picture of myself!!!
& really had to force myself to post it!)
at a reunion in Luana's home--2000

and most recently, August, 2009
after a memorial service for Luana's brother, Philip
Time has changed us.
We have grown from the carefree little girls
to mothers of grown children
and now all have grandchildren!
Luana is the winner in that category with a total of 9!
Cherie has 2 sweet grandsons
...and you have all heard me brag about my 6.
The aunts & uncles we loved so much
are all gone now.
Our parents have passed away...
leaving us as orphans...
making us the older generation.
Cherie grew up in St. Joseph, Missouri.
My Mom & her Dad were brother & sister.
We loved the family times...
the times when they would come for a weekend visit...
coming to visit with us, but especially with Grandma.
If it was summer time, the men would go fishing & we would more than likely grill burgers & freeze a bucket of ice cream.
Or if it was autumn, the men would go hunting for pheasant, quail, squirrel, or rabbit. And a big family meal would be prepared for everyone at Grandma's house.
Oh, there were other "girl" cousins, & we loved them too.
But there has always been a special bonding between the three of us,
and although we don't see each other often anymore,
when we do, we relive a few of those old tales of Hallsville.
Cherie, Dan & Beth Anne

So now you all know...
that we three girls are officially Senior Citizens!

Happy Birthday, Cherie!
Now that wasn't too bad, was it?

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