Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Summer Project--Finally Completed!

Most of you that know me, know that I have the old lady "gardening syndrome"...where I never tire of looking at gardening magazines, running to garden centers, & am forever thinking of just one more thing I can plop down in my lovely green yard. For some reason I thought I couldn't live without a fountain! I browsed through my magazines, checked out every garden shop that I went through, for just the right fountain. I knew what I wanted. No....I didn't want a big hunk of granite or marble or stone. I wanted rust!

As luck would have it, a new garden center sprouted up north of town, and coming home from church one Sunday, I spied it! A glorious hunk of iron, already quite rusty, & I knew it had my name on it. Well, it took a little persuading to get Bob to agree, but he finally caved in & the iron thing was ours.

I'm not sure how many gallons of water that monster holds, but it drinks it up, especially in the heat of the day. And then, much to my dismay, the area where we sat it up became a muddy quagmire because of the splash over from the fountain. It got so bad that I finally turned the fountain off, refused to fill it up again until we figured out a solution to our mess of a problem, & then I let the weeds grow. I can't believe I'm showing you this.....but this is what it became. I even was heard to sputter out the words--"I wish I'd never seen that thing!!!".
No wonder it was a muddy mess around the fountain as I think we had rain all summer! Finally the clouds disappeared & the heat went away enough that Bob & I decided to tackle the embarrassing mess.
Before I could say "John Deere", Bob had his chain hooked up to my beautiful 30 year old azaleas & quickly jerked them out! So much for digging out the roots. Then out came the day lilies that had already seen their prime for the summer. And down the hill they went in my "dumpy cart" to the rubbish heap. I yelled out as Bob drove away..."just plop those azaleas down in the woods & maybe they will take root by themselves". Doubtful...
The next step was to dig out all of the mucky mire, drain the water from the fountain, & then dismantle the thing.
We thought we knew what we wanted. After a trip to Lowes, we decided that we probably needed to just buy paver stones & have them layed around the fountain.
Then Bob got the big idea to check out this place....Got Rocks! And boy, did they have the rocks!
I was never so confused in my life! I thought I knew what I wanted until we drove into this place! It was like a rock wonderland. There were big ones, little ones, all different colored ones, flat ones, round ones, jagged ones, get the picture.
Both of our eyes kept drifting to the pile of field stone & that was what we decided on. And then he told me..."aaaah, we have to load this ourselves". Are you kidding me? But we did it. With work gloved hands we hand loaded 1,960 pounds of stone--one rock shy of being a ton! I dragged my tired old body back in the truck & as we headed home, didn't think my back would ever be the same again.
There wasn't much I could do with the rest of the project so I spent my time doing some much needed weeding around the front of the house. (If you remember, a snake had been slaughtered earlier in the summer by my front steps, & that ended any outdoor work out there for me for quite a few weeks!)
Bob unloaded sand & hand layed each stone just the way he wanted it. I probably would have just tossed them around the fountain & called it quits, but he patiently worked a couple of days, getting each rock in the design he envisioned.I had plenty of yard chores to do so left him to his work. When he did call me over to see if I liked what he had done, this is what I saw.
And I was a very happy old lady. If my back would have been in better shape, I would have done a happy dance right then & there! I loved it.
After some very hard work & being on his knees much longer than he need to be, Bob was finished. I grabbed my two urns from the front porch, just to add a little color for now. I'm not sure if they will stay...or maybe I'll find something rusty to match the fountain!
So, thank you very much, dear hubby of mine, for all of the hard labor you went through to get my hunk of rust back to where I love it again! Guess we won't have to make a trip to Kroots after all!


Peggy B. said...

Looks good. Wish I could figure out some low maintenance landscaping for my place. I do well to keep the grass mowed. Any ideas?

Dorcas said...

That looks sooooooooo nice!!! BUT I can't imagine carrying all of that rock. No wonder your back hurt. Again, it is really pretty!!

Karen Walden said...

Why didn't you just grab one more rock so you could say you actually loaded a TON of rocks??? :) Looks great! Dad is more dedicated that JW for sure!!!

Carol said...

WOW Sis!!!! That looks fantastic!!!!!!!!

Sheila said...

Karen, We took 360 pounds of rocks back to Nugent, that we didn't need, so we actually did load more than a ton.

Beth Stetler said...

oh, that is so beautiful! i, too, would have simply piled rocks, (because i'm lazy and untalented!) but that design is just gorgeous!