Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Old Fashioned Woman

"The Old Fashioned Woman"

I suppose I'm an old-fashioned woman---

at least all the neighbors think so;

They say I am clinging to customs

That went out of date years ago.
I simply can't learn their slang phrases---

In style, I am worse than a wreck;

My skirts reach clear down to my ankles,

And my waist comes clear up to my neck.

I'm still saying grace at the table,

Tho' the bread may be barley, or rye;

I don't hanker to join the "new women"---

I'd not enjoy it if I'd try.

I still love my husband and children---

I supposed that's an old-fashioned view;

And I still read my Bible each morning,

My faith in God's care to renew.

And so, when they say I'm old-fashioned,

It's truth I don't want to deny;

For I love the old creed and the customs

That were born in the ages gone by.

And if the great morning of Judgement

finds my soul without blemish of sin,

How much do you think it will matter

How queer and old -fashioned I've been?

author unknown

I recently found a yellowed with age clipping with this poem written on it, tucked in the pages of my Grandmother's Bible. Yes, she was an old-fashioned woman, leading a simple life, and was always happy with having the few earthly possessions that they owned. I think this little poem pretty well describes my sweet Grandma Brown.


Carol said...

I wish I had the privilege of knowing her!

Carol said...

...I know she raised a fantastic son!!!

Nettie's Nook said...

That is a beautiful poem. Even though things were hard they all seemed happy.