Sunday, October 11, 2009

If Drinking Glasses Could Talk...

Bob & I hadn't been married very many months when Grandma & Grandpa Thompson came to Kansas for a visit. They rode the train all the way from Washington, Indiana to Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, where Bob picked them up. I love this old photograph with them standing in front of the railway station with their luggage!

It was during that visit that Grandpa Thompson helped do a few little jobs on our house that was being built. One of his big projects was to burn a huge stump that was laying in the back yard. For several days he had a fire going & kept rolling that big stump around and finally there was nothing left but a pile of ashes. He was a big tease and I hadn't gotten very well acquainted with him yet & wasn't quite sure how to take him. He loved to laugh & tell jokes.

Recently I was given a piece of Grandma Julia's history, two pretty little drinking glasses that belonged to her when she set up housekeeping. I intended to set them on my Hoosier cabinet, but instead they have found a nesting place on top of my pie safe in the dining room.
Can't you just imagine some of the meals these glasses have been at & the conversations they heard. Well....assuming glasses have ears!

Bruce & Julia McFarland Thompson

It wasn't but a few short months after their Kansas visit that we got a phone call saying Grandpa had passed away, due to a sudden heart attack. We didn't have much money back then and Indiana seemed such a long ways from where we lived, so we didn't go to the funeral. And quite a few years later, Grandma went on to her Heavenly reward.

So I don't have very many memories or stories about "Grandpa Bruce", other than what has been told to me.

Like how he used to about make little Bobby cry when he "milked a mouse".

Or how his boys had to drive the old slop truck through town & gather up garbage to feed their hogs, once accidentally dumping the muck all over their sister!

Or the time he tried to sell a "moon-eyed" horse to a friend.

Or how for punishment, he would make his boys get out in the yard & cut the grass with scissors!

I wish we would have had a little more time to get acquainted. From the tales I've heard told, Grandpa Bruce was quite the man!


Nettie's Nook said...

For punishment Grandpa Bruce used to make Dad and Uncle Fay wear a dress and sit on the front porch.. Dad wouldn't dare get off the porch and the neighbor kids knew that if they made fun of dad when he got that dress off he would pound them good. Uncle Fay on the other just ran the neighborhoodn his dress. So I guess my dad was a cross-dresser....

Sheila said...

Well, that is hilarious, Annette. I was going to tell that tale but Bob wouldn't let me! Ha!!! Hope everybody reads my comments. :)

Jenny said...