Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Window Shopping in Columbia

Back to my Missouri Trip!
On Saturday morning we took the opportunity to do a little sight seeing around Columbia. It had been many long years since either Steve or I had been on Broadway. Carol was very young when we moved away and doesn't remember much about our time there.
Friday nights used to find us on Broadway!
Dad would find a parking spot with a good view of the people passing by,
and Mom & I would be off to the Dime store.
Broadway was the place to be.
There was Mattingly's, Newberrys, J.C. Penney, a drug store that I don't remember the name of, along with many more shops.
Kyle & Kelcie spied a fancy shoe store!

Mom would browse around the fabric department of the Dime stores, or look at the pretty nick nacks they had. Steve & I would head for the toy department on the lower level.

I loved paper dolls!

I think I may have liked cutting out all of the clothes & accessories more than I like playing with them. More often than not, I would talk Mom into buying me a new book of paper dolls that would keep me content until our next trip.

The little shop was full of all kinds of decorating accessories.
Their window display caught my eye as I love old photographs.
Imagine my surprise when I saw those old pictures turn
into something ghoulish with just the twist of your head!
I then realized I was looking at a Halloween display.
I was almost sure that the shop was where the Dime store used to be.
The floors were still the old wooden planks,
and it felt like just maybe I had been there before.
Our little Friday night jaunts would have been before the days of the mega malls...a time when "downtown" was where you went for everything.
Just a couple of blocks away was the County Library
where I would go & load up on Grace Livingston Hill books,
or perhaps some of the books from the Sue Barton Nurse series.
And not far from there was the Ice House, where you could rent a locker to store your frozen meat. Dad would have Steve & I go in sometimes & help carry out arm loads of packages of beef wrapped up in butcher paper.
Only a block or two away was Sears, Dad's favorite place to go.

Just off of Broadway we found a nice group of little shops.

Carol just loves for me to drag out my camera!

All of the old stores are gone now,replaced by shops that probably cater to the University crowd that lives a few streets from downtown. Several old store fronts had been converted into cafes, tea rooms & restaurants. We could tell that when night time would come, this street would probably be alive with the young MU crowd.

Yep...that's Bob, patiently waiting...
just like Dad used to do!
The ghosts of my childhood swirled through my mind as we walked these streets. Our little town was 12 miles away and it was always a treat to get to go to Columbia. And it was especially nice to get to revisit again and find that although many things aren't the same, the memories are still there & some things look even better.


Nettie's Nook said...

Isn't it great to have the memories.

Anonymous said...

I had completely forgotten about Grace Livingston Hill books! I love reading your blog!

Marilyn Mauck