Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Summer Garden

I've been out of the mood to work in my gardens
for quite some time now.
Blossoms of summer have faded away,
empty stems are long & straggly,
weeds have weezeled themselves into
about every crack & cranny,
& I sometimes wonder if it is worth all of the digging,
hauling, pulling & planting that it requires.
And then by chance
I go back through my photographs I have sporadically
taken through the summer,
and realize
yes, it is worth it,
and come spring
I'll do it all over again.
Come see what you think...
I forget her name!
But the bees sure liked her.
Eccinecea-or cone flower

Clematis on the gazebo

Oak-leaf Hydrangea

"Fox-tail" Asparagus Fern

Double begonias & button fern


Grapette Daylilies

Little Grapette

Wine Monarda-or Bee Balm

& dried hydrangeas

I'm so glad we added these beds a few years ago.
It made our backyard seem more like an outdoor room!
Hardy Perennial Cranesbill Geraniums
They have bloomed all summer!

It has been a wet, cold summer & some things
just didn't do well.
Now to start cleaning out the beds & getting
them ready for Old Man Winter.
I've heard he isn't going to be very pleasant this year!

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Nettie's Nook said...

It is just beautiful Sheila..