Friday, September 18, 2009

Mugs Up!

Did you grow up with a "Mugs Up" root beer stand in your town? Well, ours was a few miles away in Columbia & we loved to go there for a frosty mug & a "Zip Burger".
Imagine our delight when we discovered that the same old stand was still there! We had looked for it on what used to be Old Highway 40 but thought it was gone. It was still there, hidden in the background by newer businesses, and a road that had moved farther away from it through the years.
Yes, that was the very same one that Steve & I would beg Dad to stop at, sometimes after our Saturday trips to Grandma Brown's, or after a day of shopping in Columbia. A little shabbier, slightly dirty, but standing there just the same, car hops ready to come take our order!
Have you ever had a Zip Burger? They still make them just like they used to, so we ordered a tray of them. (However, as the aroma from the nearby dumpsters drifted our way, we requested a spot on the other side of the building. Our car hop gladly obliged!) Anyway...the Zip Burgers are similar to a sloppy joe, minus the tomato sauce. It is cooked up hamburger seasoned with secret ingredients, served with mustard & dill pickles. Mmmmm...just like we remembered! I probably could have eaten several, but settled for just one. Besides, I had a frosty mug of root beer to slug down!

Me & my zip burger

I remember as a child we would get a free "kiddie mug"...

a very small mug of rootbeer, which made us feel pretty special.

And after looking through several websites, I discovered that Mugs Up makes their own root beer, on the premises, fresh every day. No wonder it tastes so good!
There aren't very many old drive-in restaurants with curb service around anymore. Jake certainly enjoyed the experience, food brought to our vehicle, and eaten in the bed of our pick-up!

So if you are ever in Columbia, Missouri, be sure to hunt this little place up! I won't say it was the highlight of our day, as we had many exciting happenings that weekend, but it was one of those moments we won't soon forget.
Mugs Up, ya'll!
Note: There is still a Mugs Up in Independence, Missouri also!


Dorcas said...

I've never heard of "Mugs Up!" That's pretty neat. We have a chain of drive~in's out here where they have the car hops! I'm still enjoying your posts of your trip.

Carol said...

It sure was yummy!!! Those Zip Burgers tasted just like they did when I was tiny enough to ride on the armrest!!! I used to beg Mom and Dad to go there every Wednesday night after church. Of course, I always had to get the kiddie mug!

Sheila said...

Carol...Are you talking about the one that used to be on 75t Street in Overland Park? I had about forgotten about that one. It must have been a Missouri/Kansas chain.