Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Missour--ahhh! "If Your Family Reunion Is Held at the Local Rootbeer Stand...

Once again, we cousins are the ones remaining, with all of our parents now gone. Seldom do we get together and we didn't want to miss this chance! We cancelled out on them the first weekend--which probably made them a little gun-shy--so we were more than happy to meet the Brown's at the A & W Root beer stand. Anyway, it is owned by Janet & Rick & they were gracious enough to say that we would be welcome to gather & spend as much time as we wanted there. And we did!

Let me tell you about Uncle George's family...

There was Velma, and Ruby, then Alma & Jimmy, and Wanda and Sandy, then Janet & Carolyn & finally Tina. Eight girls and one boy! They are the ones that lived just across the road from Grandma Brown & we saw them often.

Uncle George worked on a large farm in the Missouri River Bottoms. He got up before the crack of dawn, worked hard all day, came home for his supper which always had to include a pot of beans, walked across the road to see his Mom & Dad Brown, & came home to be in bed early. Although they were a poor family, somehow they had a TV. Once Uncle George went to bed at night, he threatened if he even heard a peep out of that TV, then all of the kids had to head to bed. Alma told how they would all huddle close to the set so they could hear & not wake up their Daddy!

I hadn't seen her in years & wasn't just quite sure who she was when she walked in. But I knew she had to be related to Bert...
as she was the spitting image of her Mom!
Sandy's daughter Crystal, & granddaughter

She was the baby of the bunch!
I remember Mom buying some baby things for her when she was born.

And I remember the older girls helping take care of her, making her formula with Milnot & putting a little bit of molasses in it.
She was their little doll baby!

Sweet Alma....I think she was one of Mom's favorites.
She would come spend a few days with us in the summer time
& she was the one that went with me to the hardware store
& we bought a BIG spoon for our home made ice cream...


My Dear Wanda...
She was the one that was my age & we were always best friends.
Wanda was always a kind, sweet hearted little girl
& is now the same sweet spirited woman.
On our Saturday visits I was sometimes allowed to eat dinner
(our noon meal!) with Wanda. It seemed to never fail that it would be her turn to do dishes that day...& the pile would be endless.
Many times we also had to take our turn to carry buckets of
fresh drinking water in from Grandma's house.

Wanda's son Wesley
& a truck load of young cousins...
just stopping by to say "hi"

It's always been a family joke...
that Steve & Jimmy had a family resemblance even as kids.
We remember Uncle George saying
"Well, Steve....yur lookin' more like Jimmy every day!" Jimmy & Steve
both the only brothers in their families!

Jimmy George & his wife Beverly

At some point during the evening, Beverly & I had our "Grandma Brag Books" out & were comparing grandchildren.

Somewhere I heard her call one of the boys "Shotgun" & wondered why in the world they would call him that. A little later, Shotgun showed up & I realized his real name was "Remington"!


She was a few years younger than me & always seemed quiet & shy.She still doesn't have a lot to say, but always comes around to any family get together we have. Janet & Rick own the A & W.

Janet & Rick's daughter, Nicole (I think!) Carol & Garry....
looking like Garr has had maybe just a bit too much root beer!

Our visit with the Brown's was a happy reunion. We sat in that A & W for several hours, with cousins coming & going, some bringing kids I had never seen, & wasn't quite sure who they were even when they left. I wish we had taken more pictures as some were missed!

For such a large family, they all are very close & seem to be best friends. All of them live in Boonville, or close by, never leaving the home town area for long, always coming back.

Sadly, three of the girls are gone now, taken by breast cancer. Now the fourth one has it and is undergoing treatment, hopefully in time to be a survivor.

We didn't care who came in & out of that little restaurant that Friday night. It was so good to be together again & get reacquainted. Could it have been that long since we were all little kids running around on that old farm place, just a few miles away, down that old gravel road?


Carol said...

Great post, Sis!
I'm pretty sure we're all a bunch of rednecks!
It was SO good to see all the Brown kids, but sad that some were already gone. Now, if we can get the those three girls to follow up with their mammograms we'll be in business!

Sheila said...

I've got my buddy going...now to work on the other two! :)

Karen Walden said...

Looks like we really missed out on a fun evening!

Nettie's Nook said...

Sounds like you had a great time. It's sad to say but it seems like the only time that most families see their relatives is at a funeral. I wish that the Thompsons would get together sometime.

Sheila said...

Good luck with that Annette! :) We'll leave the planning up to you this time. Aunt Sally coming back this way anytime soon?

Jonathan Walden said...

Hey Carol,
What's up with the Mr. T starter kit?!? LOL

Dorcas said...

I followed your posts on your trip to Missouri!! Nothing like reliving those memories!! I enjoyed it!!