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Phil was born in the spring time of 1942,
the only son of parents, William (Bud) & Paulene Palmer,
& brother to Luana.
He married at a young age & had three children; Cindy, Rusty, & Scott.
Later he remarried & daughter Malinda was born.
After a long battle with COPD (a chronic lung disease)
along with Multiple Schlorsis
Phil left this world for a better place. Philip & his cousin Russell were ring bearers at my parents double wedding.
Here they are pictured in their wedding day outfits, playing with the dogs at Grandma & Grandpa Fulkerson's farm, near Hallsville.
The Palmer Family
Uncle Bud, Aunt Paulene, Luana & Philip
Philip was my first cousin, being my Mother's nephew.
He was 7 years older than me so most of my memories of him are when he was a teenager or older.
I remember that he loved fast running cars as a teen
& took a load of his aunts & cousins for a fast, breezy ride
in what I remember to be a '55 or '56 Chevy.
It was a warm summer night & he tore up those Missouri gravel roads,
giving his aunts a thrill ride they would always remember!
outside the family home in Moberly, Missouri
Phil was the teller of tall tales!
His imagination must have run wild as he could always come up with a story that topped everyone else.
My Dad would tell of the time Phil told that his Dad drove their old Mercury so fast that the paint blew off of the side of it!
And then there was the tale of the time the tornado came through
& while he was standing on the porch, blew the rest of the house away!
Luana & Philip at Mt Zion Church, near Hallsville, Missouri
Maybe it was that big imagination, or the way he loved to talk & visit with people, that gave him the knack for remembering our family information.
Phil was a walking book of our family genealogy. He lived & loved it & was always glad to share any family facts that we might be looking for. For several years, he & Tara did hours of research, traveling across the central Missouri counties looking up cemeteries that contained a wealth of our family information.
Phil's wall of ancestors
He loved old photographs and had the above display in his apartment.
I remember standing in that hallway, listening for quite some time as he explained each picture...who was in each one & when or where they were taken.

Grandma's rescued Hoosier cabinet

He loved antiques.
And years ago he was able to find out who bought our Grandmother's Hoosier cabinet! Somehow the two pieces of it had been separated, but amazingly he was able to find the owners & persuade them to sell them to him.
As I remember, the cabinets were painted white.
The bottom section was in Grandma Fulkerson's kitchen & the top piece was mounted on the wall on her back porch. Phil was able to refinish it & it is now a beautiful cabinet!
Phil & Russ
a few years ago at a family reunion
Russ, Luana & Philip
Although his daddy was a Holiness preacher & many of his family members
were faithful to their church, Phil chose not to attend. He never seemed to want to talk about religious matters & would brush you off if the subject came up.
But during those last few hours of his life his attitude changed.
Somehow an old church hymnal that belonged to his Mother ended up in his room at the hospital. And a few hours before he slipped into a deep sleep,
his daughter heard him singing!
She told Luana that Phil was singing an old church song,
something about "where the soul never dies".
Later, Duane (Luana's husband) came to the room & said he wanted to pray with Phil. Everyone left the room except Duane, so Duane would feel free to say whatever he needed to to Phil. And he said that Phil prayed.
Luana thumbed through that old hymnal & found the exact one that Phil had been singing...
No sad farewells. (Dear friends there'll be no sad farewells.)
No tear dimmed eyes (There'll be no tear dimmed eyes.)
Where all is love, (Where all is peace and joy and love.)
And the soul never dies. (And the soul of man never dies.)

Just a few hours later Phil made his journey.
And thanks to a wonderful, merciful God
who never lets the prayers of the past fade away,
Phil is now "where the Soul never dies"!

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Hilarious about the paint blowing off the car! Sweet tribute to Phil... Luana will love it!