Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Hoosier Cabinet

Several years ago Bob & I started browsing the antique malls & shops. He was hunting old car signs or anything to do with car memorabilia. I was more interested in dishes or glassware that my Mom or grandmothers might have had. Somewhere along the line we both became interested in the old Hoosier kitchen cabinets.

We located a man that made a business of refurbishing & refinishing these fine pieces of furniture.

Some of you may remember when your grandmother had one in her kitchen. Mine did! But at the time it was painted white, matching her other cabinets, & as a young girl I didn't realize what she had.

As you can tell, I love to collect.

If my Mama had it, or maybe my Grandma, I want it! Here is a look at some of my "treasures" we have found on our antiquing trips. Along the way I've also had several things handed down to me. Some have little value, yet are pieces of my past & I wouldn't get rid of them for the world! Dad made a habit of scouring the yard sales for something he thought I might like, and quite often brought me an old piece of days gone by, when they came to visit. Mom would say "why, Sheila won't want that old thing"...but I would!

This little red pitcher belonged to my Grandma Fulkerson but I've had it for years! Inside it is crackled, probably partly from me potting a philodendron in it years ago.

Mom made batch after batch of cookies in that brown crockery bowl. At some point it had a lid. Cookies were often kept in that bowl. Our little dog used to hear that lid rattle & she knew it meant someone was going to get a cookie & hopefully share a few crumbs with her!

And there is my Grandma Brown's rusty old apple corer. Dad remembers her making apple butter & sweet applesauce from apples picked fresh from their local orchard.

Before the days of lemon concentrate, fresh lemons were squeezed in a juicer. Carol has Mom's original, and I found one just like it!

Then there is the White Mountain ice cream freezer-this one bought by Dad at a garage sale--ours was larger...the Central Dairy glass milk jars (that used to be delivered fresh to our door!)...a Charles Chips tin (some of the best potato chips around)...a pink Fiesta Ware pitcher, drinking glasses from the '50's...2 little red floral drinking glasses that were in Mom's first apartment...

Anyway, you get the idea that we love things from our past. Each piece represents something that brings back floods of pleasant childhood memories.
Just in case one of these days when I'm gone, and no one has a clue what piece belonged to which Grandma, I'm beginning to mark things. A tag with a description inside a jar, a note hidden inside a box...and hopefully my treasurers won't end up as worthless junk to my children.


Jenny said...


Lady J said...

I have a hoosier kitchen cabinet in my GARAGE of all places that needs to be refinished! It belonged to Mom. The next time Jeff comes from GA he will take it back for Susan, my niece, so Jenny you may not make an offer on it!

Sheila said...

Well, keep your eye out Jenny. Ya never know where one might turn up! Mine is actually a "Sellers". I think most of these were made in Indiana...thus the name "Hoosier" cabinet.

Janet...IF the guy is still alive, he made reproduction papers & parts for these cabinets. He lived near Spencer.

Karen Walden said...

Well, put MY name on the bottom of the actual cabinet, would ya?! ;o)

Glad you're labeling things! I wouldn't have a clue....

Sheila said...

Okay, Karen...if I can get around the dust bunnies! :) I'm finding out that I sometimes asume that you & Jeff know about all of this stuff--& you don't because I have never told you! Start asking questions, girl. :)

Dorcas said...

Your Hoosier Cabinet is beautiful!

Joanna said...

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