Monday, August 31, 2009

Missour--ahhh! Part Two--Those Country Roads

We used to travel this gravel road at least every other Saturday,
going to Grandma & Grandpa Brown's, to spend the day with them.
Dad would do chores that needed to be done for them,
& more often than not, we would make a grocery store run for them too.
I loved going there.
Grandma & Grandpa moved from an old unpainted farm house
into a tiny trailer, just across the road from Uncle George & Aunt Bert,
the ones with 9 kids!

The old house never had electricity, but the trailer did.
But Grandpa Brown preferred his old kerosene lantern & it brought that soft glow into their home every evening when the sun went down.
Neither house had indoor plumbing
I always dreaded the trips to the old outhouse.
And believe it our not,
there was sometimes an old catalog in there...
and those of you old enough, will know what that was for!

Just down the road from Grandma's was an old log cabin
where Billy Joe lived. He was the typical wild teenager of the '50s, the one who was always in some kind of neighborhood mischief.

As we drove down the road, we found
the cabin still standing, after all of those years,
but weeds, briar's & brambles were surrounding it.
We didn't venture too close but I wanted to peek in the old door.

We made a stop at the old country church where Grandma Brown
sometimes attended. I remember going there for services with some of my cousins. And 3 of the girls were married in the little church.

Kylie, Kelcie & Jacob
on a trip, down roads they had never heard of before

Out behind Sulphur Springs church
we found the markers for some of our family members.

Dad's brother & sister-in-law
Another brother, Joe, is here in a grave without a marker.

Just across the road from Grandma's...
This isn't the original house, but George & Bert lived here,
in a very small house, heated by coal with no indoor plumbing
or running water. Water had to be carried from
Grandma's well pump,
down the lane, across the road...quite a chore for a family of 11!

We saw a few deer running along the road & had to honk our horn to scare them away from running out in front of us! And we also saw a wild turkey, along with beautiful wild flowers growing in the ditches & fence rows.

Just up the road from where Grandma lived...
Grandma & Grandpa lived off of old Hwy 40,
near New Franklin, Missouri
6 miles of gravel
The view I remember from across the road from the old unpainted house
which is no longer there. I love the Missouri country hillsides.
An old photo of Grandma Brown & Aunt Rose
at the old unpainted house on the gravel road
An old grain elevator that has always been a landmark.
Katy Trail runs beside the old grainery...
a bike path that runs over 200 miles across Central Missouri

The weary travelers--Garry & Bob
Neither had ever been on this road before & they were very good sports about it. However...Bob doesn't plan traveling this way again!

The City Slickers
Jake-Kelcie-& Kylie
They claimed this was their first ride in the back of a pickup truck!

It was a beautiful drive & I'm so glad we did it.
Steve was with us & we both did a lot of "remember when" talking
on our little journey. We moved away from this area before Carol had too many childhood memories of these weekend trips.

I can't think of a better way to grow up than to spend your weekends going to see Grandma & Grandpa...especially when they lived way out in the country!


Lady J said...

Thanks for taking me down memory lane with you. The next my sister comes home I think I will get out the directions and go down memory lane in Shelby county.

Karen Walden said...

Okay...was the catalog used for entertainment purposes or for using?! Guess I'm not quite old enough to know better!!! :)

Sheila said...

Nope...the catalog definitely wasn't for entertainment. You might say it was Grandma's emergency "Charmin"...if you get my drift. :)

Nettie's Nook said...

I can't believe Bob drove his truck on gravel.. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.. It is nice to go down memory lane isn't it?