Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Missour--ahhh! Part One

It was a family gathering to honor our cousin, Philip, that drew us all back to the little town of Hallsville. Our Missouri roots run deep and when major family events happen, we show up. There just aren't as many of us as there used to be...

The Church of God (Holiness) welcomed our family in for a visitation. Several of the community members came, cousins & friends that we hadn't seen for a long, long time. Phil would have been honored to know how many people cared about him.

This church was built when I was a teenager and living away from home in the KCCBS dormitory. Dad & my brother, Steve, spent many hours helping build this house of worship. But we moved away when it was just a little over one year old. So when I think about the little church of my past, it isn't this one, but the little white block building just a few streets away.
Phil's children:
Cindy, Scott, Rusty & Malinda

The family with their Aunt Luana
Cindy & her son Carl

Rusty & Tina

Scott & Jenny & children
(I didn't get their names!)

Luana & Duane Toalson
& Duane's buddy, Dotty the Dog!
(Luana is our Aunt Paulene's daughter)

The Goodwin's
Debbie (Toalson) & Russel
Hannah & Matthew
(Luana & Duane's daughter)

Paula (Toalson) Cunningham
& her brood!
7 boys
Michael, Kyle, Zachary, Scott, Nathan....Carter
(& I'm missing one name)
(Luana & Duane's daughter)

The Dillons
of Fremont, Nebraska
Sid & Hazel Dean (Liddell)
Dean is our first cousin
Dean is our Aunt Thelma's daughter

The Barthel's of St. Joseph, Missouri
Dan & Cherie (Fulkerson) Barthel
Cherie is our first cousin
Cherie is Uncle Millard's daughter
First Cousins
Cherie, Luana, Dean, Carol, me, & Steve

The '49ers
I've had my 60th birthday this year...
& Cherie & Luana's are to come!

The in-laws...except Steve!
Garry Wheeler, Duane Toalson, Bob Thompson
Steve Brown, Dan Barthel, & Sid Dillon

The Palmers
Luana with her cousin Larry
from Mexico, Missouri
We lived in Hallsville until I was seventeen. Most of the other family members had already moved away, but I remember that they would come home on summer vacations, for fishing & hunting trips, sometimes Thanksgiving & almost always for Christmas. Grandma's house would be a gathering place & we loved to get together & visit.
This trip found us thinking back on those times, telling tales on each other, laughing about what used to be, & just enjoying being together. Everyone commented on what a good weekend it was, in spite of the sadness of loosing Phil. I can just imagine if it were a short while back, he would have been right in the middle of all of the talking, getting his two cents worth in! We're sure going to miss him...


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Hi Sheila...thanks for coming by. I hope you get to go to Nell Hill's next time through.

Did you stop at the Applewagon? We stopped there for just a little while last week. They were doing renovations of the warehouse, expanding and improving.

Have a great weekend.

Sheila said...

Pat...we did stop at the Applewagon & I loved it. Just needed more time to browse...