Saturday, August 1, 2009

Maggie & Me

" Hey its good to be back home again - yes it is
Sometimes this old farm feels like a long-lost friend
Yes n hey, its good to be back home again "

words & music by John Denver

Vacations are over & I enjoyed our time away,

but like John Denver,

Hey, it really is good to be back home again!

Now for my tall tale!

Do you own a GPS system? We have one in my car, which I seldom use. Since there wasn't one in the Kodiak truck, we decided it would be helpful on our long journeys. So after much research Bob bought one somewhere out there in cyberland. It was put aside until just before our last two trips.

It's a Magellan...thus we named the annoying lady that was trying to boss us around about which road to take, Maggie.

Maggie gave us a little trouble on our trip to Chicago. When we turned to go west on I-80 she about had a conniption fit & kept telling us we need to do a u-turn ...(are you kidding, in I-80 traffic in the middle of the morning? in Chicago?), told us she was going to have to "recalculate" our trip (better you than me, lady!) & finally shut up after she saw we weren't going to pay any attention to her.

It was the night before we were to leave for Charlotte, NC, & I decided I probably should watch the DVD instructional diskette for Maggie.

I found this little round, foam rubber looking thing & thought that was a funny looking DVD. But they are always coming up with new stuff! Well, when I tried to insert it in my CD player, I suddenly realized that small foam rubber looking thing wasn't a DVD disk at all. It was the adhesive ring to mount Maggie on our dashboard! (Did I just tell ya'll that?) Whew! I'm glad my CD player didn't actually eat that thing.

Off we went very early on Saturday morning for a beautiful 10 hour long ride to Charlotte.

I love driving through the mountains of Tennessee & North Carolina.
We buzzed passed the exit for The Biltmore Estate in Ashville,
didn't even think about trying to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway with our impossibly long rig, and hoped Cousin Nadine didn't ever find out that we scooted on down the road without stopping to say "hi" at Spruce Pine.
Once again, Maggie was not pleased when we didn't follow her instructions to head south near Ashville. We had been on that bumpy road before & weren't about to travel it again. She kept telling us to make u-turn's, turn around at the next exit, etc., etc. for quite a distance. Finally we made it to our destination.
Our hotel was wonderful. Nice & new, which always helps.
And we rented a car just like Carol's (my sister) so we could ride in style!
Once there, I decided to mess around with Maggie. Much to my delight, I found out that she was full of local information! Nearby restaurants, malls, local attractions, malls, antique shops, get my drift. There was plenty to do. I happily clicked on a few shops I thought I would like to visit & told Maggie to save them for me.
Later I did venture out & Maggie directed me straight to Pineville. The little town was supposed to be full of antique shops, but some were closed, no doubt due to the economy. I did a little browsing & then Maggie directed me to the Mall. In fact, we found our way there a couple of times!
Well, Maggie & I became fast friends. After my shopping spree I thought I should probably delete those trips as I wouldn't need them anymore. But there wasn't a delete button to be found! Oh well...I would figure it out sometime at home.
Meanwhile---Bob drove our big rig to a drag strip on Wednesday.
I cheerfully gave up my navigator's seat to one of our Canadian friends as I dreaded a day of dragsters & smelly car fumes. Bob decided to take Maggie with him since the drag strip was 84 miles from the hotel. But I didn't get the address logged in & he found his way with the directions the Club handed out.
All was well until the return trip.
It seems that our Canadian friend didn't know how to make heads or tails out of reverse directions...& evidently didn't know how to read a map! Somehow they got turned around & headed the wrong way when they returned to Charlotte. But after a phone call, Bob was able to get back on track & headed "home".
As he neared our hotel, Maggie began talking all at once, telling him it was time to exit. And he did. Maggie gave him specific directions---right smack dab back to where I had been the day before at the antique shops! And guess who he called!!! Oh seems I didn't get that little side trip deleted & Maggie thought I wanted to make a return trip.
All is well that ends well. Bob & our friend made it safely back to the hotel & a few days later we made it safely back home to Indiana.
I've been instructed to delete those side trips asap!
While I'm at it, I think I may need to find that DVD disk & fine tune Miss Maggie. Who knows when she may take us on a wild goose chase again.
(Car pictures to a day or two)


Jenny said...

That's hilarious! I was sitting here reading and laughing loudly, so Wesley hollered from the bedroom to see what was funny! :)

Peggy B. said...

That's what Deb's did too! We had fun just seeing if we could throw it off.

Sheila said...

To say the least, Bob was not thrilled when he had to go down the main street of that little old town, cross a railroad track, & then turn his rig around in a subdivision! (We've deleted all of my little trips since we got home.) Hehe!