Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chevys in Charlotte

This is what our trip to Charlotte was really about.
We are members of the NIA Club ...National Impala Association
& this was their annual convention.
All of those Chevy nuts had to be on the field & ready for judging early in the morning. Okay guys--space apart-hood up & trunks open!
It was a sizzling hot summer day in Charlotte with temps in the high 90s. Too hot to be walking the asphalt! That day separated the men from the boys. Or was it the young men from the oldies?
Bob's '60--Showin' & Shinin' Bob's '58
The Judges!
Rumor is that this car is worth $310,000.!!!
Only 57 were made
& it is a special race edition, 427 engine
(Do you girls really care?)
Belongs to the Shea's, our Texas friends.
Doorothy used to be an airport limousine.
(That is the owner, Joe, standing on the left...
sometimes mistaken for Mr. Claus!)
'67 Caprice
'69 Impala convertible-427 engine
Canadian car
'62 Bel Air bubble top-409 engine
'66 Impala
'62 Bel Air Bubble top
The Drags!
Bob hauled his car 84 miles one way to drive it down the dragstrip 8 times.
He must have really wanted to drag.
More drags
and more
It takes an idiot to drive a $310,000. car down the drag strip!
Notice no one was competing against him...
At our Welcome Gathering we had a special guest speaker,
Dave Sanderson.
Dave was on the flight that went down in the Hudson River & he told his story.
To make a long story short, he was not supposed to be on that flight that day but a seat opened up & he took it. He is a Christian & testified that God put him on that flight to help others survive. He was the last passenger off & he almost died from hypothermia & was in danger of having a stroke or heart attack. A very amazing story, and the room was very quiet while he spoke.
Look who we ran in to down south!
Chuck & Mary just happened to be vacationing in that area so came & spent a couple of days with us. We enjoyed having them come!
This was taken after a supper of southern barbecue.
Another night we enjoyed a steak dinner with Gil & Graham,
friends from Canada--aay?
And one floral shot of flowers around the hotel.
I don't know how they survive in that southern heat!
It was a good time...a relaxing time for me, but always a busy time for Bob.
I enjoy exploring the area, visiting with friends we have made through the years & laying around the room catching up on my reading.
Bob thrives on visiting with his car cronies, walking the parking lot, inspecting each car to make sure every screw & bolt is painted the right color. Well, maybe he isn't quite that bad...but some of the guys there are pretty picky!
And that's the way we vacation, at least some of the time.
Bob owes me a couple of sight seeing trips I'm sure!

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Karen Walden said...

Okay, Dad had to help you with the titles under those car pics! There's no way you know those engine types, etc! :)

Looks like fun and I loved the Shea's car, Door-othy!!!