Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Sentimental Journey...

Gonna take a Sentimental Journey,
Gonna set my heart at ease.
Gonna make a Sentimental Journey,
to renew old memories.

Got my bags, got my reservations,
Spent each dime I could afford.
Like a child in wild anticipation,
I Long to hear that, "All aboard!"

Seven...that's the time we leave at seven.
I'll be waitin' up at heaven,
Countin' every mile of railroad track,
that takes me back.

Never thought my heart could be so yearny.
Why did I decide to roam?
Gotta take that Sentimental Journey,
Sentimental Journey home.

Sentimental Journey.
Recorded by Doris Day

Our "track" will be Interstate 70
just off the highway
to where the gravel roads begin

It is a bittersweet journey
One to mourn the loss of a dear first cousin
One to see other cousins kept miles apart
by the different paths our lives have taken us
Except for times like these
When the family always comes together
to share in each loss

I have been anxiously looking forward to this weekend, a gathering of our family to remember cousin Phil. But now that it is almost time to leave, I feel a sadness in my heart.

For it is the "cousins" that are gathering. Except for our sweet Aunt Thelma, the eldest of the Fulkerson siblings, all of our mothers & fathers are gone.
This is the second of the "first" cousins to leave this world. And it seems like such a brief time ago when we would gather in at Grandma's house for the occasions when all of us would be home. Our circle is becoming smaller with each passing year.

So for just a few days we will be gone, Bob taking me on a trip that will truly be a sentimental journey for me. Now to just get him to take me down those gravel roads!


Karen Walden said...

Have fun at the Root Beer stand tomorrow night! :) Can't believe I'm going to miss out on all that fun!!!

Sheila said...

I'll have a float in your honor!