Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I had put it off about as long as I could. Since I had searched through every shoe store in Columbus and couldn't find one shoe that would fit my fat foot, I decided I might as well head to Indy.

Now, I used to have a reputation for being one of those "shop 'til you drop" ladies, but times have changed & I don't shop quite like I used to. And one of the reasons is, my feet. If my shoes aren't comfortable, you might as well just shoot me or keep me at home.

Yesterday was the day. Somehow (probably from being overloaded!) my feet have spread out & I can only wear a wide width...which I found is absolutely not available in Columbus. Nor are there any in Greenwood! But I hit the jackpot in Indy, finally! I guess from now on I might as well just go shoe shopping up north and get it over with. Hopefully I'm all set for vacation & can keep up with my long legged hubby who always out strides me in the parking lots. Needless to say, none of the above shoes fit me. Thankfully my new ones don't quite look like orthopedic shoes, but they are comfy!

After all of that, I decided I needed a break & went to
Homegoods. The parking lot was crazy, & being the obedient wife that I am (I'm putting that in just in case hubby is reading this....), I parked at the very end of the lot.

It didn't take me very long to discover there wasn't a thing in that store that I needed or wanted, and it was getting late enough that I needed to head home before that awful Indy traffic rush.

As I scurried out to my car, I saw something on the back end and was sure some parking lot creep had left me a note or an advertisement. By the time I got there I could tell it was something plastic. Someone had "Mikes Me'd"! How dare they think my car was so dirty that I need to go to a Mike's Car Wash! (But it did need a bath.)

The plastic was a sleeve over the back wiper arm for the rear window. I ripped it off, thinking, if there is a phone number on this thing, I'm going to call Mike up & tell him I didn't appreciate one of his parking lot gorillas bagging my wiper arm!

I hit my remote door opener twice, but didn't hear that distinctive click. So, I hit it again and grabbed the door handle---which did NOT open! And at that moment I spied a green cup in the cup holder in the console & suddenly realized......this is not my car!!! Oh dear.....I looked around to see if anyone was watching me trying to break into their car, & then spotted my car parked two rows away!
I think I about ran across those two rows of parked cars. No doubt, if someone would have seen me, they would have thought I was trying to make a quick escape. And I guess I was...and escape from not paying attention!

The embarrassing thing about it was that car wasn't even the same kind as mine. In fact, I'm not sure what brand it was, but it definitely wasn't like mine. But it was dirty! And thinking about it later, that bag was probably put on that wiper arm the last time they went through a Mike's car wash.
I'm just glad I didn't get arrested!


Karen Walden said...

That's hilarious, would've loved to have seen you pushing your keypad and steam coming from your head!!!

Remember the time that Gma Brown got clear into a car that wasn't hers and kept trying her key in the ignition?! Now, that would've really caused attention!!!

Peggy B. said...

The expression on your face when you discovered it wasn't your car was probably priceless ;)

Dorcas said...

I would've loved to see you trying to get into "your" car:o)

Jenny said...

LOL! Funny!

Sherry said...

I have done that and it is embarrassing! Oh, well. All is well that ends well. I wonder if they are trying to figure out where the wiper sleeve went?

Sheila said...

Karen...I had forgotten about Mom's little episode. Guess I get my goofiness from her! Remember how we used to get so tickled when we were together?

Yep...I bet you ladies would have liked to have seen me trying to get in the wrong car. Actually, I don't think that is the first time...Oh dear---

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