Friday, July 24, 2009

On the road again...

And we're off again!
I was home just long enough to unpack my bags, catch up on laundry, get a few hugs from the grandkids, realize what a mess my flower beds are in, find a snake in my bushes!, have Steve the snake-slayer kill it, re-pack our clean clothes, & am ready to leave bright & early in the morning.
It's a 10 hour drive, bouncing along in that car hauler,
so I'm sure I'll be happy when we pull into our hotel late tomorrow afternoon.

This time we will be attending the National Impala Club Convention. Last year was our first time to be with that group & I'm not as well acquainted...but basically it's the same group--just a bunch of old gray headed Chevy nuts!

We'll be traveling through some beautiful country.
Too bad I can't talk Bob into pulling over near Ashville & letting me off at the Biltmore Estate! And--I have a first cousin that lives up in the mountains, just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Maybe another time...

Back in a few days!

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Karen Walden said...

Okay...that's hilarious! I can just see you and Dad arguing with "Maggie!" Good grief, you can shut her up you know! :) I'm not a true believer in those things! They don't always tell you the "best" route! Glad you found your way home safely though!