Sunday, June 14, 2009

Papaw's Party!

We finally got around to having a party for Bob's birthday today.
Better late than never!
Sunday's seem to work out better for everyone to get together.
The grill was fired up & Uncle Steve cooked up some delicious steaks.

He's just happy to be here! : ) I found out that Coldstone Creamery has frozen ice cream cakes & decided to try one out. It was delicious...chocolate cake & chocolate ice cream, called "Midnight Delight"! Mmmmmm

(I think there are some leftovers in the freezer)

It was a good day, fun to be together & visit. The grandchildren found a huge puddle of water out on our back driveway & had the time of their lives riding bikes & Big Wheels through it. That led to some big time stomping in the water, then some took off shoes & socks & did a little dance...& we even saw one child taking off his britches! I'm sure the neighbors were being greatly entertained! All of the fun they had was well worth the wet mess they brought inside with them when it was time to go home.

Happy Birthday, Papaw! Your family loves you very much.


Jonathan Walden said...

It was a fun day today!!! Hope Dad enjoyed his birthday celebration with his noisy grandkids!!! What a clan he created!!! Happy Birthday Dad! We love you very much!!

Karen Walden said...

Good grief, I didn't know I was signed in under Jonathan's name! The above comment was mine! Sorry about that!