Monday, June 22, 2009

One Thing Leads to Another...Part Two!

A couple of years ago Bob & I spent a couple of days in Shipshewana celebrating our 40th wedding anniverary. That is where I spotted this little black table & knew it wanted to come home with me! I had a vacant spot in my laundry room that was begging for an accent piece and I thought this was it! And I knew my Longaberger laundry basket would fit perfectly, and it did.

And so began my love for worn, weathered looking black furniture.

Since my grandbabies are more or less out of the diaper stage, I handed down my changing table, & once again had a vacant spot in my laundry room. Hmmmm.....I needed storage space as my room had become cluttered over the months with baskets of books & magazines, bags of treasures, & boxes of things I didn't want to part with. I considered buying ready made shelves, the ones that just screw together, and then I could have my clutter half way organized.

Then the idea came to me to have Bob's cabinet man build some shelves. I knew he could at least paint them black!

I should have known that anything Andy made would be the best. He is quite the craftsman & makes beautiful cabinets for our homes we build. Andy came & measured, looked over my little black table, and when he left, I could see the wheels turning. And so I patiently waited for several weeks for Andy to work his wooden magic.

The day for delivery came last week. I was thinking that Andy would come in with some type of shelving system that had to be mounted to the wall. Needless to say, I was quite happy when I saw the beautiful cabinet he had built! He knew what I wanted without me even planning for it! All at once my idea of just a storage unit turned into something completely different. I was still going to use it for storage, but now it would also be a display piece, giving me access to things not used every day.

It didn't take me long to cruise through the house & find enough things to begin filling up the shelves. My green pottery I had found at T J Maxx had a new home on the top shelf, along with the white ceramic bunnies & Target bird salt & pepper shakers.

The next shelf would give me easy access to the Martha Stewart dishes I had found on sale at Macy's.

And then I found stacks of my Paula Deen magazines, cookbooks, pottery, a few Longaberger baskets, mixing bowls that once belonged to Mom, & matching mixing bowls of my own & even Mom's old kitchen tablecloth.

More cookbooks are stored in baskets on the floor, along with holiday napkins & paper plates. Believe it of not, most of these things had been either crammed on shelves in my hallway, or stuffed in my laundry room closet, waiting for a place of their own.

For now everything has been cleaned & put away. Knowing me, I may find a few more pieces of the green Portugal-made dishes, or some other holiday accent that I can't live without. No doubt, the shelves will evolve into something completely different in a few months.

My next project...I think the washer & dryer area is begging for custom made "Andy" cabinets that would house more things that need more elbow room in my laundry closet. Wonder when Andy can get started....

(My faithful old Whirlpool washer does a dance at least once on laundry day. I'm just biding my time until it bites the dust & we can get new front loaders! Dream on......)


Karen Walden said...

Looks great...that is until the Grandkids all come over and start grabbing breakable's off of your beautiful cabinet!!! Yikes!!!

susan said...

Sheila- Your new shelves are beautiful and I love that table! I'm afraid I will to leave laundry room decor to others--for me having the dirty laundry off the floor is enough for now :)!

Carol said...

Love the new look! It's an amazing piece of furniture! Of course you have it all decorated!!! I love it, Sis!!!

Peggy B. said...

Love the new look. I had a Magtag front load washer and hated it. I'm back to the top load Magtag.

Sheila said...

Karen & CArol both have front load washers. Karen loves hers as she can stuff a ton of clothes in it. I think they tangle things up a bit...not sure which I'll get. But I do need one that doesn't dance! :) Once in a while Steve goes & sits on the washer while it's on spin cycle. At least he is good for something! :) Hehehe!!!

Nettie's Nook said...

Sheila I LOVE your cabinet. I swear you could decorate a cardboard room beautiful. I LOVE reading your blog. If you ever run out of things to display you can always go to your attic (which I'm still waiting for an invite to tour)

Denise said...

That is really beautiful!!!!