Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Thing Leads to Another...

I have a project that had been on hold until today. And you know how it thing leads to another...once you start something, you find a dozen other things that also need to be done. Needless to say, I'm not finished!

My laundry room has turned into a gathering place for a bunch of necessary junk. Since my hubby is a builder, I finally talked him into having his handy dandy cabinet man come by & measure a corner that used to be the diaper changing station, the corner that I planned on making a storage space for that necessary junk I was telling you about.

After a few weeks of patiently waiting (I knew it would be worth the wait!), handy dandy Andy called to say the shelves were done! So.....all of that necessary junk that was piled in the corner where the changing table used to be, was carried into my just cleaned on Monday dining room. Yep...that one thing of me piling all of that stuff in my spiffed up dining room means it is going to lead me to having to clean it up again! That is, after that necessary junk gets put away.
My first idea was to buy wire shelves like the ones you see above. Then I thought maybe something a little nicer might be better. For right now, I'll just say that Mamma is happy!
Hopefully I can continue with the deep cleaning tomorrow & post a few pictures of my project. Who knew a laundry room could harbor so many dust bunnies in cracks & crannies I've ignored for quite some time.


Peggy B. said...

I believe it about the laundry room. I sure wouldn't want anyone to see mine.

susan said...

Sheila--I just stumbled upon you,but you and I our laundry rooms in common. I can keep a neat house, but my laundry room seems to be my "dumping ground"! Good luck and show us the progress