Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Sunday Ride

If you are very well acquainted with us at all, you will know that my hubby is an avid car collector. It all began during our dating months (I can't say years as we only dated a few months before our wedding!), and has been an on going fever of his for many long years. Some day I'll take you on a little tour of his car shop.
From the earliest warm days of spring time until the coolest days of autumn, if the sun is shining I usually "get" to rid to church on Sunday morning in one of his old cars! He decides on Saturday which one he wants to drive, makes sure the battery is up & operating, the car has enough fuel to get us back & forth on our little journey, & is raring to go hot rodding to church!

Recently my ride was the '62 Chevy. It seems to be our favorite as it is the car we dated in, used as our main transportation for several years, & have always kept. (Although one day he came dangerously close to trading it off for a Corvette!)

Bob drove this car nightly to his job as caboose man for Rock Island Railroad. During our Kansas City years, he began showing the '62 at local car shows, including Darryl Starbird events. That's when the real show bug bit him!

Most of these old Chevy's lack air conditioning. Remember the vents that opened & let the warm wind blow inside the vehicle? Bob usually has to have them wide open so he doesn't have to hear me complain about no a/c! The grandkids love riding in the cars, but I'm not too sure if their Mommy much approves. Grandpa Bob usually waits until we are almost home, on the back stretch behind our Walmart, and then he puts his foot to the floor & gives the grandkids a little thrill. They love it! "Do it again Papaw", they say...& they can't wait to tell Mommy about Papaw going real fast!

Hopefully the heat will wait until we get home from church before it is unbearable tomorrow. Because, I just never know what my Sunday ride will be in! (Do I hear the GTO revving up?)


Karen Walden said...

Shew.....that WILL be one hot ride home, no matter which old car you drive! How about a convertible and flop that top down?! :)

You can always ride home with us, we'll have our A/C blasting!!!

Nettie's Nook said...

We love to see what Bob has brought you to church in. We normally wait to see what he is driving before we leave church..

Sherry said...

I have to admit that even though I am a girl I lOVE fast cars and big trucks. It kind of makes my heart throb a little more to hear a tough car revved up! I asked Daniel for a Mustang and he said no because he didn't want me to kill myself. BUM! Our 20th anniversary is coming I will ask again!