Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lord help the photographer...

All I want is a good picture of all six of my grandkids...
and looking sweet!

I found this picture frame, and the grandma that I am,

just had to have it,

thinking I would just snap a picture of those little darlin's

& hang it on my wall.

Ha! Have you ever tried to photograph six wiggle worms?

Well, let me tell you...it ain't easy,

& I haven't accomplished the job just yet!

I thought Mother's Day would be "the" day!

As you can see, we ran into a little problem. Not everybody wanted to say "monkeys" as the same moment...

& some didn't even want to sit still! And this was as good as it got

before some of those little wiggles made their escape!

Peyton even said "ta-dah"....

in other words-catch me if you can!

We gave up.

But since it really was Mother's Day

we thought we would try for a few family shots... Hey! April got a good one of her little brood!

And since it was Karen's weekend to work

Jonathan took the kids in to see her at CRH.

(Good thing one of the other nurses thought to bring a camera!)

So, for now, I still have an empty spot right in the middle of my picture frame.

Just waiting for those six little youngin's to quit squirming long enough

that some lucky photographer can capture them all smiling at once.

Anyone want to set up an appointment?


Karen Walden said...

I think Jenny Grissom is taking appointments!!! ;) Right Jenny?!

Karen Walden said...

Those pics are hilarious!

Sherry said...

Too funny! My kids are teens and usually one of them is scowling or Seth will make that, "I am a few bricks shy of a load" face! The kids are all cute even it they won't cooperate.

Sherry said...

I meant your grandkids are cute. We won't talk about mine right now. gggrrrr....

Jenny said...

Well, I could give it a try...LOL! I could set it on "action." Ha ha!

Dj said...

I am a photographer and I think I would give it a try however Grandma and Mommy's would have to step out eyes view of the kids. They do better when parents/grandparents aren't watching. LOL The kids will Love them when they are grown. LOL