Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last week was VBS at our church. The grand prize for bringing the most new kids was "Cheetoh", a goldfish that had been the mascot for our Junior Church the last 2 months. Parker wanted him, but was very gracious to the little girl that won, thanks to his Mommy hurriedly breathing a few extra prayers Parker's way!

Anyway, as it usually goes, that reminded me of something in my past.

As children, by brother & I had several goldfish of our own. We also had some of those black fish with the big bugged out eyes---not sure just what they are called.

And I thought I should pass the tradition on down to my children. But is has been so long ago, even Karen doesn't remember.

It was when we still lived near Edinburgh & I made frequent trips to Danners Dime Store on Main Street. Jeff & Karen were small & I thought I would treat them to a goldfish or two. We chose a chubby goldfish & then I thought they also should have one of the black ones.

We pulled in to the driveway & I decided we might as well fill up the fish bowl outside as the garden hose was laying there in the sun waiting for us.

So, I quickly filled the small bowl with clear water from the garden hose, had the
kids bring their bags of fish to me & we opened them & plopped them in.

Immediately the black one did a back float---& just layed there! Good grief, I couldn't imagine that he was dead already. I stuck my finger in the wriggle him around & at once knew what was wrong. The water from that garden hose was steaming hot & I was cooking the kids fish!

I ran the bowl to the kitchen sink & quickly added cold water to the fishes bowl. And don't you know, that black fish began to move around, wiggle his fins, & came back to life! The kids were so excited...& their Mommy was so relieved!

Hey, we had a Bible story on our hands. I remember telling Karen that we would name him Lazarus since he came back to life...and Lazarus it was.

I'm not sure how long those little fish survived in our house, but evidently not too long as Karen doesn't remember a thing about this story. But I don't think I'll ever forget. And a lot of times when I'm outdoors & pick up a garden hose, I think of the time I just about cooked Lazarus's tail feathers!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

That's a cute story Sheila!

I'm so happy you liked the photos of the lake. We are truly enjoying it. Especially now that the temps are back in a more normal range!

Karen Walden said...

That's hilarious, but I still don't remember a single thing about those fish! Afterall, we moved from there when I was 5! ;)

That's a good lesson for me to remember though if we ever get Parker a fish or two! Don't use the garden hose!!!

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