Friday, June 12, 2009

Born when a stamp cost 3 cents!

Just wanting to wish my very favorite hubby : )
a happy birthday....before the clock strikes midnight!

Some of our family had plans for tonight so we decided to put off the birthday celebrations until Sunday afternoon.And if the grandchildren cooperate like they did a few weeks ago,we may have some lovely pictures to post once again!

Dad Thompson took Bob & I out for a special birthday dinner at Red Lobster.

Seems like quite a few of our celebrations are held there! Cake pictures will be taken on Sunday...IF I remember to pick one up!

(I just happen to have a big day planned tomorrow with my gardening friend--going to Nichols & Dimes Country Gathering festival in the big city of Elizabethtown (just find the 4-way stop at the grainery & you're there!)

& then on to lunch at The Farmhouse Cafe near Bean Blossom, so hope I don't forget to come back early enough to hit the grocery store!)

Oops...sorry, Bob, I forgot this was supposed to be your birthday post.

If you happen to know what vintage year this car was made,

then you can figure out how old Bob is!

(It is his tradition to stand by the car that is the model of his age.

Good thing he is a Baby Boomer)

More to come....

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