Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rain Drops Keep Fallin'...

Yep...that rain gauge is right. Almost 3 inches of rain Thursday & Friday.
But that didn't stop two avid gardeners from heading to the garden shop

In fact, it couldn't have been a more perfect day for shopping at the garden center. We were under a shelter, the weather was cool enough that the greenhouse wasn't unbearably steamy, and the crowd was small.
Some of these beauties made it to my shopping cart!
Aren't they gorgeous?

Of course the humongous foxtail fern isn't for sale...
I always admire it!
Lord, please make me rich so I can have one of each!
Garden trinkets
Hoosier bugs!
Hanging baskets ready for Mother's Day
Stepping stones
Have you tried a "King Tut"
He is in the middle of the white pot
I'd never have time to sit in one of these...
Plumbego & blue birds

The reason I love to garden
Week two and garden center # 2 for Mary Ann & I. We pretty well loaded down a huge cart & filled up the back end of Mary Ann's Explorer. Between storms we were able to load up the car & head to Hope for lunch of a delicious tenderloin at their local diner. We decided to top the day off with blackberry cobbler (wish I had taken a picture of that!) & by the time that was over, I could barely waddle to the car.
Another fun day with a great friend.
Where to next, Mary Ann?


Sherry said...

I am not a gardener but I have bought a few cheap flowers this year. I got a purple and a white Lantana and they were only $1 each. They are growing quite nicely!

Sheila said...

Lantana is one of my favorite annuals! You might be able to grow it year round in Florida. I have three yellow ones & am looking for the "sherbert" one...variations of pink. Have fun with it!

Dorcas said...

Don't you just love Spring?