Monday, May 25, 2009

Quiet moments...

It was a rainy Memorial Day morning, one that ruined my plans to spend the day digging in the dirt, pulling weeds & tending to my neglected gardens. Instead, I have spent a quiet day at home, reflecting on memories of loved ones gone on to their eternal rewards. With the passing of Bob's mother & all that went along with that, I felt worn out & needed the last couple of days to catch my breath & let myself mourn a little.
Ahhh..just walking around, looking at things in bloom lifted my spirits.
My foxtail fern seems to be thriving in the hot sunshine from the patioAnd million bells are singing in the rain!
My pot of lantana...& a very old butterfly house
Catmint in bloom
& rose campion just beginning to blossom
I've been watching this so I could show you, Carol!
Mom would love this!!!
I've discovered it is a biennial
The rose I wanted chopped down
There is only one ugly stem left on this rose bush
but I couldn't let it go until the buds opened.
They were a welcome surprise this morning!
Climbing hydrangea & a knock out rose waiting to be planted.
The angel was a gift from our friends when my Mom passed away

More knock out roses in my patio courtyard
This is the first year I have planted any knock outs!
The shade garden--in neglect & bad need of weeding! of my favorite flowers
More of them to be planted...
An old clematis showing off out by Bob's car shop This is a decorative plate I received on Mother's Day
from Jeff & April. I love the verse:
"Quiet moments are the perfect time
to think of each loved one closest to our heart
and recall the good times
shared together.
You will find yourself smiling at the
Sweet Memories
that come rushing back.
Be sure to remind your friends & family
of how much you love them
and how much they are on your mind
during those quiet moments."
Paula Deen


Carol said...

Thanks for this, Sis! Mom DID love that 'rose campion'. In these parts the call it, "lychnis blood red". It's something Mom loved and wanted me to steal from Dave, none the less! : ) LOL!!! GREAT pics! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Sheila said...

I always think about Mom wanting you to go dig up Dave's flower! Wouldn't he have been surprised!!!

And I've been remembering six years ago...

I think I need to get out of the house! :l

Karen Walden said...

Was it 6 years ago today that Grandma Brown passed away?! I know it was right around the 25th if not today exactly!

Sheila said...

I think she died on the 23rd & her funeral was on the 26th, which fell on Memorial Day. Dad died on Sept. 25th