Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Florence Nightingale

One day this week Karen was surprised to hear one of her co-workers tell her that her photograph was hanging the the lobby of the hospital & she had been nominated for the "Florence Nightingale" award! Since then she has been interviewed & is going to an awards meeting sometime today. Congratulations, Karen!For several years I've known that Nurses Week is always around this time of year. I've read that Nurses Week always begins on May 6th, which is National Nurses Day, and ends on May 12th, which is Florence Nightingale's birthday.
So for all of your nurses out there, including my sister, sister-in-law, friends Janet & Kathy, & especially Karen, Happy Nurses Week!!! To me, your career has to be one of the most rewarding.
Those 12 hour shifts can be grueling, the long walks up and down the hallways tiresome, & I'm sure the sometimes unruly patients can get on your nerves. But you have the gift of helping broken bodies mend, hopefully to return home with better health, & bringing newborns into this world & sending mommies home with their bundles of joy.
We're proud of you all. And did I say, especially Karen?


Sherry said...

I hope she wins!

Sheila said...

Well, I think you get an award for just being nominated. Bet the nurses on her floor pay more attention to it next year! ;)

Lady J said...

This is exciting for Karen! I received one several years ago-I think it was the first year they did these awards. I wear my pin with pride and I am sure Karen will as well!