Thursday, May 21, 2009

A morning trip to Garland Brook...

It was late morning and I was making my run to meet Parker when he got off of the school bus. As I drove down Central Avenue, my heart pulled me east towards the cemetery where our sweet Bonnie had just been laid to rest the day before. I knew I wanted to stop by but wasn't too sure if I should with three grandchildren with me.

Parker, Paige and Peyton did go to part of the viewing for their great-grandmother, but did not attend the funeral. I thought about this little visit we were about to make, and decided maybe they too needed some closure for their great-grandma as they had seen her in Keepsake Village, near the very end and had been very concerned that she wasn't going to get better.

As we pulled through the old iron gate at the entrance to Garland Brook Cemetery, little people were full of lots of questions...some that I wasn't quite sure how to answer. How do you explain to a 3 year old that Grandma's body is under the dirt, but her soul is up in Heaven? Paige seemed to be completely satisfied when I told her that Grandma wasn't sick anymore & was living with Jesus.

We walked through the tombstones, making our way several rows back to the marker that said "Thompson". Parker got there before me. And as I got closer, this is what I saw...
I couldn't believe how beautiful it was! It was as if Bonnie has been surrounded with a mountain flowers. It took my breathe away! I was overwhelmed, not with sadness, but with a since of a sweet Spirit. Bonnie had loved her flowers and working in the gardens, and I knew she would have loved every bloom, every stem, and every color that was blanketing her.

Parker wanted to know if he could put a flower on top of the marker. He chose two & gently laid them there. While I was looking at some of the flowers, I noticed that Parker went over & put his arms around the end post of the monument. He had his eyes closed, and before asking him, I knew what he was doing. He told me he was giving his Grandma a hug! He came to me & put his arms around me & said "I miss her so much".

The twins won't remember her. But maybe Parker will. She was known for her big bear hugs & heavy pats on the back & Parker received many from her. He can't quite figure out how her body is still here because he knows she is with Jesus. In a few years it will mean more to him & he will understand, & hopefully remember that beautiful morning we made a special little trip through Garland Brook.

We loaded back up in my car to head out, and softly from the back seat, I heard Parker singing "We're in Father's House", a chorus we sing at our church and he knew that his Grandma loved. Peyton and Paige joined in.

I'm so glad we went!


Karen Walden said...

I'm so glad you took them over there today! They told me all about it this evening when I got home from work! I'm sure Parker won't forget it either!

You're right, Gma would LOVE the flowers surrounding her!!!

Carol said...

How sweet! No doubt Parker will always remember that, and who knows... the twins might too.
Thanks for texting the picture. Those flowers are absolutely beautiful. I'm sure she would love them!

ng said...

What greater gift could you have given them than that trip!

God's spirit manifested personally to their hearts, in rememberance of a godly, loving Great Grandmother. What a legacy!

Sherry said...

What a good thing for you to do. I miss visiting the graves of our relatives. My great aunt used to always go but now she is having her first Memorial Day in Heaven!

Dorcas said...

I'm sure that was an experience for all of you! The flowers are just beautiful!!

Beth Stetler said...

Such beautiful flowers and what a sweet memory you made!