Saturday, May 30, 2009


Steve lives, breathes, & loves fishing. I can't quite imagine why anyone would want to spend just about every spare moment standing on a dock, casting a line into a lake over & over & over again. But I supposed when there is that certain tug on your line & you think it's the big one, it's worth the wait.

At least Steve thought so one morning this week. He was fishing for crappie with a # 4 pound line, when he felt the tug of a big one!
He said it took quite a while to wear this fellow down enough that he didn't break the line, and then he had to have the help of one of his fishing buddies once Mr. Walleye got close enough to the dock to be grabbed by a fin. By the looks of those razor sharp teeth, you can tell you don't just stick your finger in his mouth to release him from the hook!
It was an 8 pound plus walleye and measured 28 inches long! Steve stopped at one of the bait shops on the way home & they were so impressed, they took a picture of Steve & his catch.
After much contemplating about whether to have this guy stuffed & mounted (plus Steve could probably tell that I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of this thing hanging on a wall around here!), he decided we would have him for dinner.
I must say that I usually prefer my fish battered & fried, but Mr. Walleye was delicious on the grill! Much better than a decorating accessory!


Lady J said...

Wow, what a catch!

Karen Walden said...

Oh my word!!! That is what we ate?! Eek!!!! I would've loved to have gotten him on video of catching that huge thing!

Congrats Uncle Steve! I think it would've looked lovely in the center of Mom's fireplace!!! :)

Dorcas said...

Oh, my goodness!! That's a big fish. I'll have to show my husband as he's a fisherman, too!