Monday, May 18, 2009

Congratulations to Kelcie!!!

Carol had invited me to come for Kelcie's graduation & I thought it was all set, but for some reason, I kept hesitating to make my reservations. I waited long enough that the ticket price more than doubled and they were almost impossible to get because of Memorial Day weekend. My heart was torn as I really wanted to go. Yet I could never click that "book it" button on the airline website.

Now I know why. My family needed me here for the passing of Bob's Mom. And her viewing will be the same evening of Kelcie's graduation. Isn't it amazing how some of those things just fall into place without our knowing what is just ahead of us?

Anyway....we want Kelcie to have a beautiful day filled with graduation celebration! She has always loved styling her friends hair & once she made the decision to attend cosmetology school, she worked hard & excelled at it.

During those months she had to have someone to "practice" on! Here are a few of her volunteers....Little sister Kylie is the guinea pig more than once!
Her she is having her beautiful, long golden hair cropped.
Are you sure you want to do this, Kylie? And then there was Mom who "willingly" (?)
had color & highlights added.
Plus she had some waxing, plucking, shearing & styling sessions also.
You are a brave Mommy there, Carol!

A trip to Indiana brought a coloring session for April.Kelcie talked her into going from what Kelcie called "Barbie Doll Blonde" to a darker color. It actually looked very flattering on April!

Brave girl there April!

And then on another trip out to Indiana,
Kelcie's Aunt Karen "volunteered" for an eyebrow waxing.
Kylie also got a leg waxing on that trip...well, on one Kelcie about ripped her skin away!So Kelcie has found her niche & is about to begin a new career. She already has a chair being held for her in a beautiful new Salon...& she can't wait to get to cutting, snipping, curling & waxing away. Anybody need an appointment?

Congratulations, Kelcie Lynn! Wish I could be there but I know you understand. Have then take lots of pictures for me. We love you very much!

**My heartfelt apologies to all of my family volunteers for the lovely pictures I've posted of you! I'm sure you are all just as pleased as punch with me. : ) Say cheese!


Carol said...

Awww!!! Thanks for the sweet post, Sis!! We are SO proud of our Kelcie Lynn! Thanks for posting the gorgeous pics of all of us "volunteers"! I'm just wondering why you aren't in any of them... hum...???

Karen Walden said...

April will get you!!! HA!

Congrats Kelcie! We're so proud of you! Wish we could be there to see you graduate!

Love you!

Sheila said...


Someday I'm going to "Wash that Gray Right Outta my Hair"! Yea, right!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Congratulations to Kelcie!

Sheila, I've been sort of out of blog land for a few days. I'm trying to do a little bit of catching up this afternoon. I just wanted to come by and tell you how sorry I am for your loss. My Aunt Helen has Alzhiemer's and so did Granny. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Karen Walden said...

I'm not her aunt Mom, but that's okay! If I am, then your her Gma! :)

Jonathan Walden said...

...then "you're" her Gma! Sorry about that! I'm a little sleep deprived!

Sheila said...

Ha, Karen...I'm scaring myself! I think my brain is a little drained right now.

Kelcie is Karen's cousin! I just feel like her Grandma!

Karen Walden said...

Good grief...I didn't know I was signed in under Jonathan's name last night! I was so sleep deprived that I shut my alarm clear off this am! Still made it to work on time by the skin of my teeth!!!

Angie Davis said...

Okay, those are hilarious! :o)