Saturday, May 30, 2009


Steve lives, breathes, & loves fishing. I can't quite imagine why anyone would want to spend just about every spare moment standing on a dock, casting a line into a lake over & over & over again. But I supposed when there is that certain tug on your line & you think it's the big one, it's worth the wait.

At least Steve thought so one morning this week. He was fishing for crappie with a # 4 pound line, when he felt the tug of a big one!
He said it took quite a while to wear this fellow down enough that he didn't break the line, and then he had to have the help of one of his fishing buddies once Mr. Walleye got close enough to the dock to be grabbed by a fin. By the looks of those razor sharp teeth, you can tell you don't just stick your finger in his mouth to release him from the hook!
It was an 8 pound plus walleye and measured 28 inches long! Steve stopped at one of the bait shops on the way home & they were so impressed, they took a picture of Steve & his catch.
After much contemplating about whether to have this guy stuffed & mounted (plus Steve could probably tell that I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of this thing hanging on a wall around here!), he decided we would have him for dinner.
I must say that I usually prefer my fish battered & fried, but Mr. Walleye was delicious on the grill! Much better than a decorating accessory!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Circle of Life

Our family has once again been blessed with a precious new life.
Just 10 days after loosing my mother-in-law,
a beautiful baby girl was born into the family.
Congratulations to Jason & Luci on their sweet daughter!
She is a beautiful newborn.
Mommy says no wonder she was having heartburn...
with that head of hair you have!

And cousin Karen was able to be the delivery nurse,
making her day extra special.
Welcome to our world Jade Lynn!
Once again, life has come full circle with the birth of a new baby in our family.
(Jade Lynn is our great-niece.)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Quiet moments...

It was a rainy Memorial Day morning, one that ruined my plans to spend the day digging in the dirt, pulling weeds & tending to my neglected gardens. Instead, I have spent a quiet day at home, reflecting on memories of loved ones gone on to their eternal rewards. With the passing of Bob's mother & all that went along with that, I felt worn out & needed the last couple of days to catch my breath & let myself mourn a little.
Ahhh..just walking around, looking at things in bloom lifted my spirits.
My foxtail fern seems to be thriving in the hot sunshine from the patioAnd million bells are singing in the rain!
My pot of lantana...& a very old butterfly house
Catmint in bloom
& rose campion just beginning to blossom
I've been watching this so I could show you, Carol!
Mom would love this!!!
I've discovered it is a biennial
The rose I wanted chopped down
There is only one ugly stem left on this rose bush
but I couldn't let it go until the buds opened.
They were a welcome surprise this morning!
Climbing hydrangea & a knock out rose waiting to be planted.
The angel was a gift from our friends when my Mom passed away

More knock out roses in my patio courtyard
This is the first year I have planted any knock outs!
The shade garden--in neglect & bad need of weeding! of my favorite flowers
More of them to be planted...
An old clematis showing off out by Bob's car shop This is a decorative plate I received on Mother's Day
from Jeff & April. I love the verse:
"Quiet moments are the perfect time
to think of each loved one closest to our heart
and recall the good times
shared together.
You will find yourself smiling at the
Sweet Memories
that come rushing back.
Be sure to remind your friends & family
of how much you love them
and how much they are on your mind
during those quiet moments."
Paula Deen

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A morning trip to Garland Brook...

It was late morning and I was making my run to meet Parker when he got off of the school bus. As I drove down Central Avenue, my heart pulled me east towards the cemetery where our sweet Bonnie had just been laid to rest the day before. I knew I wanted to stop by but wasn't too sure if I should with three grandchildren with me.

Parker, Paige and Peyton did go to part of the viewing for their great-grandmother, but did not attend the funeral. I thought about this little visit we were about to make, and decided maybe they too needed some closure for their great-grandma as they had seen her in Keepsake Village, near the very end and had been very concerned that she wasn't going to get better.

As we pulled through the old iron gate at the entrance to Garland Brook Cemetery, little people were full of lots of questions...some that I wasn't quite sure how to answer. How do you explain to a 3 year old that Grandma's body is under the dirt, but her soul is up in Heaven? Paige seemed to be completely satisfied when I told her that Grandma wasn't sick anymore & was living with Jesus.

We walked through the tombstones, making our way several rows back to the marker that said "Thompson". Parker got there before me. And as I got closer, this is what I saw...
I couldn't believe how beautiful it was! It was as if Bonnie has been surrounded with a mountain flowers. It took my breathe away! I was overwhelmed, not with sadness, but with a since of a sweet Spirit. Bonnie had loved her flowers and working in the gardens, and I knew she would have loved every bloom, every stem, and every color that was blanketing her.

Parker wanted to know if he could put a flower on top of the marker. He chose two & gently laid them there. While I was looking at some of the flowers, I noticed that Parker went over & put his arms around the end post of the monument. He had his eyes closed, and before asking him, I knew what he was doing. He told me he was giving his Grandma a hug! He came to me & put his arms around me & said "I miss her so much".

The twins won't remember her. But maybe Parker will. She was known for her big bear hugs & heavy pats on the back & Parker received many from her. He can't quite figure out how her body is still here because he knows she is with Jesus. In a few years it will mean more to him & he will understand, & hopefully remember that beautiful morning we made a special little trip through Garland Brook.

We loaded back up in my car to head out, and softly from the back seat, I heard Parker singing "We're in Father's House", a chorus we sing at our church and he knew that his Grandma loved. Peyton and Paige joined in.

I'm so glad we went!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Congratulations to Kelcie!!!

Carol had invited me to come for Kelcie's graduation & I thought it was all set, but for some reason, I kept hesitating to make my reservations. I waited long enough that the ticket price more than doubled and they were almost impossible to get because of Memorial Day weekend. My heart was torn as I really wanted to go. Yet I could never click that "book it" button on the airline website.

Now I know why. My family needed me here for the passing of Bob's Mom. And her viewing will be the same evening of Kelcie's graduation. Isn't it amazing how some of those things just fall into place without our knowing what is just ahead of us?

Anyway....we want Kelcie to have a beautiful day filled with graduation celebration! She has always loved styling her friends hair & once she made the decision to attend cosmetology school, she worked hard & excelled at it.

During those months she had to have someone to "practice" on! Here are a few of her volunteers....Little sister Kylie is the guinea pig more than once!
Her she is having her beautiful, long golden hair cropped.
Are you sure you want to do this, Kylie? And then there was Mom who "willingly" (?)
had color & highlights added.
Plus she had some waxing, plucking, shearing & styling sessions also.
You are a brave Mommy there, Carol!

A trip to Indiana brought a coloring session for April.Kelcie talked her into going from what Kelcie called "Barbie Doll Blonde" to a darker color. It actually looked very flattering on April!

Brave girl there April!

And then on another trip out to Indiana,
Kelcie's Aunt Karen "volunteered" for an eyebrow waxing.
Kylie also got a leg waxing on that trip...well, on one Kelcie about ripped her skin away!So Kelcie has found her niche & is about to begin a new career. She already has a chair being held for her in a beautiful new Salon...& she can't wait to get to cutting, snipping, curling & waxing away. Anybody need an appointment?

Congratulations, Kelcie Lynn! Wish I could be there but I know you understand. Have then take lots of pictures for me. We love you very much!

**My heartfelt apologies to all of my family volunteers for the lovely pictures I've posted of you! I'm sure you are all just as pleased as punch with me. : ) Say cheese!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sheltered in the Arms of God

This afternoon I quickly wrote the following few words. Just before 5p.m. this afternoon I received the call from Dad that Mom had made her final journey. She now is resting safely in her Saviour's arms! Of course we have tears of sadness, but know that Mom is no longer suffering. Vickie said it best...."she is now a Greeter in Heaven!" of her favorite things to do while she lived in Keepsake Village.

Some of you know that Bob's Mom has only few days left in her earthly home. She is resting comfortably & we are just waiting for her Heavenly call. Ahlzheimers disease has taken it's horrible toll on her fragile body. She is receving excellent care from the loving nurses of Hospice & she is not suffering.

Last night I was on my way over to Jeff's so we could go and visit his Grandma. A million things were racing through my mind as I drove across town when I caught the melody of this song coming across the radio. I have always thought it was a beautiful song & it has had special meaning to me since my parents have been gone. But it seemed to speak to me in a special way last night and my thoughts went to Bonnie. It will be forever special.

For you that don't know the song, it is to the tune of "Oh Danny Boy" or "London Derry Aire".

Sheltered in the Arms of God
by Dotty Rambo

I feel the touch of hands so kind and gentle,

They're leading me in paths that I must trod;

I have no fear when Jesus walks beside me,

For I'm sheltered in the arms of God.

So let the storms rage high, the dark clouds rise,

They won't worry me for I'm sheltered safe

within the arms of God;

He walks with me and naught of Earth can harm me,

Sheltered safe within the arms of God.

Soon I shall hear the call from Heaven's portals,

Come home my child, it's the last mile you must trod;

I'll fall asleep and wake in God's new Heaven,

Sheltered safe within the arms of God.

So let the storms rage high, the dark clouds rise,

They won't worry me for I'm sheltered safe within the arms of God;

He walks with me and naught of Earth can harm me,

Sheltered safe within the arms of God.

Sheltered safe within the arms of God!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Things that take my attention...

This blog may be silent for the next few days as I'm finding there are a lot of important things needing my attention.

Usually by this time in May I have my flower beds & patio pots full of new plants for the season. My goal is to get things finished up in the next few days & get the beds ready for much needed mulch.

Then there is always the possibility that my grandmothering skills might be needed. I know of three kids that will be here on Friday while their mommy & daddy work a giant garage sale that will benefit our Junior Church.

And then there is Bonnie. My mother-in-law is not doing well at all & I feel the need to be available to do what I can for her. She is in an assisted living facility, but in the past few days, her health has deteriorated and it may be necessary for the family members to be there more often. My mind is whirling with the happenings of just the past few days and how I've seen her go down hill so quickly. Please keep her in your prayers.

So for now, there are more important things than dwelling on my sentimental memories. It is time to live in the present! But I'll be back....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fish Fry!

For the past couple of weeks, when I've gotten up in the morning, I've found Steve has already headed to the lake for a day of fishing.

He found a fishing hole where the crappie were biting and has been there on sunny, almost hot days, days that were rainy & cold, days that were so windy his sweatshirt blew in the lake...along with his fishing chair! He has come home, bone tired, his back aching, sunburned, wind blown, and with a "fisherman's thumb". (You avid fisherman probably know about that...a sore thumb from taking the hook out of the fishes mouth!)

He has come home with buckets of crappie, and a prized catfish! And his "fun" isn't finished until his catch for the day is cleaned, filleted & frozen.
So, Friday night we gathered the family in (except April who had to work!) & had a fish fry. was delicious!
Of course you can't have fried fish without fried potatoes, peas & cole slaw! Even the grandkids enjoyed the fish & ate their share. Parker particularly loved it.
It was a fun Friday night of fish, family & fellowship!
Thanks "Uncle Steve"! I'm sure the kids will want to do this again.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Florence Nightingale

One day this week Karen was surprised to hear one of her co-workers tell her that her photograph was hanging the the lobby of the hospital & she had been nominated for the "Florence Nightingale" award! Since then she has been interviewed & is going to an awards meeting sometime today. Congratulations, Karen!For several years I've known that Nurses Week is always around this time of year. I've read that Nurses Week always begins on May 6th, which is National Nurses Day, and ends on May 12th, which is Florence Nightingale's birthday.
So for all of your nurses out there, including my sister, sister-in-law, friends Janet & Kathy, & especially Karen, Happy Nurses Week!!! To me, your career has to be one of the most rewarding.
Those 12 hour shifts can be grueling, the long walks up and down the hallways tiresome, & I'm sure the sometimes unruly patients can get on your nerves. But you have the gift of helping broken bodies mend, hopefully to return home with better health, & bringing newborns into this world & sending mommies home with their bundles of joy.
We're proud of you all. And did I say, especially Karen?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sugar & Spice

Two of the sweetest granddaughters in the world!!!
Just thought I should let you see my sweet little girls! They were anxious to bite into their cookie treats after our Mother-Daughter banquet last weekend. I must say that both Paige & Kerrigan were perfect little ladies!
Grandma was busting her buttons with pride! : )

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rain Drops Keep Fallin'...

Yep...that rain gauge is right. Almost 3 inches of rain Thursday & Friday.
But that didn't stop two avid gardeners from heading to the garden shop

In fact, it couldn't have been a more perfect day for shopping at the garden center. We were under a shelter, the weather was cool enough that the greenhouse wasn't unbearably steamy, and the crowd was small.
Some of these beauties made it to my shopping cart!
Aren't they gorgeous?

Of course the humongous foxtail fern isn't for sale...
I always admire it!
Lord, please make me rich so I can have one of each!
Garden trinkets
Hoosier bugs!
Hanging baskets ready for Mother's Day
Stepping stones
Have you tried a "King Tut"
He is in the middle of the white pot
I'd never have time to sit in one of these...
Plumbego & blue birds

The reason I love to garden
Week two and garden center # 2 for Mary Ann & I. We pretty well loaded down a huge cart & filled up the back end of Mary Ann's Explorer. Between storms we were able to load up the car & head to Hope for lunch of a delicious tenderloin at their local diner. We decided to top the day off with blackberry cobbler (wish I had taken a picture of that!) & by the time that was over, I could barely waddle to the car.
Another fun day with a great friend.
Where to next, Mary Ann?