Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Yucky" stuff

Paige came home with us after church today & spent the afternoon as her Mommy was at the hospital taking care of babies, Daddy was home with a sick Parker Man....& Peyton stays home from church whenever he can!

She was quite the entertainer today. While I was changing out of my church clothes into something more comfortable, she got in a drawer where I keep lip balm, some cover-up, & evidently an old stick of cover make up. I looked down & she was smearing the cover up in a tube all over her lips! She told me "Mommy do it" I let her smear. Then after a quick peak in the mirror I managed to wipe it off of her sweet little lips. No harm done...but I think that drawer needs cleaned out & most of it trashed.

Later, when I was re-dressing for the evening service Paige had to come along. She was playing near my dresser again when she said "Mommy doesn't have yucky stuff". I thought she was talking about the contents of my drawer. She proceeded to tell me "You have yucky stuff, Gwama". Oh really? Where, Paige? ...(don't ask unless you want to know) & she replied, "on your back".

Well...I guess I won't let her see Grandma's back again for a while. Maybe it's time for a trip to the dermatologist.......


Carol said...

That is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! I'm crying here!!! Definitely DO NOT ask unless you really wanna hear!

Karen Walden said...

On my goodness!!! She gets her honesty from her Daddy!!! How completely embarrassing! And...the "Mommy do it" is when I put chapstick on her lips!!!

Good wonder you brought her back before church last night!!!

Sheila said...

She was really wound up yesterday! Uncle Steve didn't help matters any! :) I would have taken her but thought I might not feel too religious by the end of the service....if ya know what I mean! She definitely is hilarious & quite honest!

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