Friday, April 17, 2009

Want to join me?

I follow a wonderful writer at
She has made the following post about doing an online Bible Study & it seems to be something that I might be interested in. Want to join me?

I've ordered the book, plus a couple of extras, so if you live nearby & would like a book, let me know.

Following is the post about the upcoming Study. It begins on Monday, May 4th.

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"In the first chapter of her book "What Happens When Women Say Yes To God", Lysa Terkeurst tells about the time she was on an airplane and felt God prompting her to give her personal and treasured Bible away to a complete stranger.And I thought, "That woman is crazy. I would never give away my Bible! To a complete stranger? Now, I might offer to buy that person a Bible or even send them one, but I would never...."I won't tell you how that chapter ends, but I will tell you that I was convicted up one side and down the other. And then I put the book down because I realized that I didn't want to travel this journey alone.

So I called my friend Jennifer and invited her to go along. And because she is adventurous in spirit and a seeker of truth, and can't resist my wily charms, she agreed.And that is what this blog is all about - Jennifer and AM working through Lysa's book, seeking to figure out if we can be women who listen for the call of God's voice, women who yield to the call of God's voice and women who respond without hesitation, "Yes God! Here I am!"We would love for you to join us if you dare to be or aspire to be a woman who says yes to God.

Our plan is to read one chapter a week (they are short and very manageable) and wrestle with it here. One week Jennifer will author the discussion and the next week I will. Your participation will be to read along and join the conversation!The discussion of the first chapter will begin on Monday, May 4th.Get a book and join us!"

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Karen Walden said...

The book looks good, but I don't know that I'll have the time to do something online. I'll look into it though!