Friday, April 24, 2009

A walk in the woods...

Yesterday was the day Mary Ann & I planned a garden center outing including lunch. It was gorgeous...a perfect spring time morning.

Mary Ann does something I'll never be able to do....she landscapes her wooded area! I have a woods, but my fear of slithery things keeps me far away from it. She has spent countless hours planting wildflowers, dividing & replanting, clearing leaves, sticks & weeds,. There is a watershed running through it and she even had truck loads of huge rocks hauled in and hand layed a creek bed. She & her husband have made pathways, lined with logs, so you can weave in & out of the wooded gardens.
We went for a morning walk. I left my camera in the car so didn't get as many pictures as I wanted. It is beautiful! Her hard work has paid off & she loves to share the area with her friends. I enjoyed our little walk in the woods so much! Just wish my woods wasn't so near the Interstate & that I wasn't terrified of the "you know whats". (I can't even stand to say that word!)

Her wooded hillside with the pergola in the background, hand built by her hubby!One of my very favorite springtime flowers...a carpet of Virginia Bluebells!
And daffodils!
Most of which had already bloomed.
She has planted hundreds of them!
We topped the day off with a late lunch at Twigs & Sprigs Tearoom, then made a sachet through the garden area. Both of us came out with our little red wagons loaded with perennials. It is amazing how we both seem to end up buying about the same kinds of plants. Now to find time to get them in the ground!
Another beautiful day in Indiana!


Sherry said...

I really can't imagine you being scared of anything!

Lady J said...

Where is Twigs and Sprigs?